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The Media Center Gaming Collection, located on the upper level of the Lindenwood Library and Academic Resources Center, gives students access to the variety of games available as part of the library's collection.  Housing the latest consoles (XBox One, PS4), a gaming PC with the Oculus Rift VR headset and two 65’ 4k TVs, as well as a game design collaboration space, the Gaming Lab provides opportunities for group experiences and discussions centered on gaming.


The Media Center Gaming Lab and Collection is being created with the aim of supporting a wide variety of campus interdisciplinary programs, scholarly research, and student needs involving video games. The collection will support disciplines such as game design, psychology, speech communications, computer science, information science, literature, and others investigating the technology, game world structure, narratives, and social interactions present in video games.

The collection will also support the needs of students interested in video games for class projects and related activities, as well as the extracurricular lives of the Lindenwood University students, faculty, and staff. 

Additionally, the Game Collection also contains a variety of board and card games to meet the research and extracurricular needs of students, faculty, and staff. 

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