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Writing Intensive Specialists

Writing Intensive Specialists are here to help students learn and retain class content.

The goal is not to learn to write but to use writing to improve learning. Through the program, students are given the instruction, feedback, and tools needed to be successful writers. Writing Specialists are available to help students with their Writing Intensive (WI) assignments.

WIS utilizes classes already in students’ curriculums. Initial surveys showed that the majority of courses taught at Lindenwood University are already writing intensive; that is, multiple writing assignments exist to aid students in learning the content.   Through the creation of assignments, specific to each class, that combine the learning material and writing, students are able to further develop and then continue to practice their writing skills. Writing is like any other skill; continual practice is necessary in order to retain the ability. Many students finish their composition courses at the end of their freshman year.  This potentially leaves years of dormancy where higher-level writing is typically not fully developed.

WIS ensures that students use their writing skills throughout their college careers, better preparing them for life after graduation.  WIS programs offer support for the students by providing deeper feedback, drafting, and grammar instruction.  The instructors have writing specialists to support them in areas other than course content.

Students enrolled in WI courses can go here to find resources.

Instructors offering WI courses can find resources here.

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