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The Lindenwood IRB hosts educational events throughout the year in a variety of formats. Please keep an eye on this page for updates on upcoming events.

IRB Together - Research & Compliance at Lindenwood Series

Informational sessions held once a semester to provide news and updates on research and compliance initiatives at Lindenwood University. Sessions include information on updates to human subjects research policy, IRB applications and process, discussion of best practices for recruitment and consent, ethical research design, and related topics.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

  • Spring, 2017: Impact of New Regulations and Resources on Lindenwood Researchers

Lindenwood Research Ethics Forum

Informal conversations held once a semester on a current event or issue in research ethics. Conversations cover issues like use of personal data in social media research, big data research, genomics and personalized medicine research, research involving vulnerable populations, and related topics.

  • Fall, 2017 - Roundtable on the Ethics of Big Data and Social Media Research

Classroom Presentations

Representatives of the Lindenwood IRB are always available to present information about research ethics and the IRB application process to classes at Lindenwood. Two standard presentations are available, and customized presentations or lectures can also be produced at any time. Please contact the IRB director to schedule a presentation Current standard classroom presentations:

  • History and Practice of IRBs
  • Navigating the Lindenwood IRB


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