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In order to offer our services in the safest manner, the Writing Center has moved its services to a virtual format.

This means that students may continue to make appointments with us via WCOnline, and our staff will digitally provide feedback via email within two to four business days.  If students prefer to talk with a consultant, conferencing options include phone, video, or chat.

For Students

You may continue to make appointments and upload your essays or assignments as usual. This includes now allowing same-day appointments on the schedule. If a slot is open, you may book it. You may submit the following:

  • Traditional essays
  • PowerPoint
  • Creative writing
  • Journals and responses
  • Bibliographies and outlines
  • Anything written for which we can reasonably give feedback regarding its formatting, grammar, syntax, organization, and/or general readability

Additionally, we will also offer scheduled conferences via Microsoft Teams, accessible through your Office 365 apps. Anyone interested should email the Writing Center and/or the Consultant with whom they have scheduled an appointment. This option will be ideal for:

  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Anyone who prefers verbal feedback and discussion in addition to what they will receive via email

Please keep in mind that the asynchronous nature means that our staff will be taking these assignments on a first come, first served basis. This creates a turnaround time when compiled with a staff member’s other responsibilities. While we will be providing feedback as soon as possible, papers that are 10 pages or fewer may see up to a 48-hour return time, and papers over 10 pages could see up to a 72-hour return time--the longer the paper, the longer the return time may be. Be aware of this when booking your appointment.

For Faculty

We would like to continue to offer our services when possible for you and your classes. This includes shifting our offered presentations to a virtual format. Depending on your class format and schedule, you may email the Writing Center to discuss the following options:

  • Presentation via a pre-recorded video
  • Presentation via a scheduled video conference

The currently existing Presentation Request Form will continue to work for this process, with the caveat that the presentation location will only be accepted as “online.” If you have any questions, please email Director Susan Edele at

Additionally, you can find Writing Center resources in the Canvas Commons covering these subjects:

  • Formatting and citation styles
  • Plagiarism
  • Creative writing
  • Immersive Reader

In the Commons, simply search "Lindenwood University" in order to find our modules.

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