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Jul 2

The Plan to Reopen Campus

Roaring Return

Lindenwood University has implemented a phased return to campus and will begin the fall semester as scheduled on August 24. Lindenwood personnel and offices continue to be available for business by telephone and email. Please visit for continued updates and information about health and safety policies.

Certificate in Culturally Responsive Assessment

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and the Office of Student Life and Diversity have partnered with the Lindenwood Learning Academy to provide a special professional development opportunity for Lindenwood faculty and staff.

To earn the Certificate, participants complete:

  • At least three 'Focused Development Activities' plus
  • At least two 'Core Development Activities' plus
  • A reflective account of professional practice

Download Certificate Requirements

Focused Development Activities for 2019/2020

Complete at least three activities from this list.

“Using Socially Just Assessment to Inform Institutional Policies”

“Using Socially Just Assessment to Inform Institutional Policies”

Dr. Marjorie Dorimé-Williams, University of Missouri-Columbia - Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. - Assessment for social justice can be applied in various ways. It must focus on how methods of assessment may inaccurately demonstrate student learning. It must also foster an environment that supports student learning.

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“Addressing Power and Privilege with the Assessment of Student Learning"

“Addressing Power and Privilege with the Assessment of Student Learning"

Dr. Kirsten LaMantia, Southeast Missouri State University - Thursday, November 7, 2019, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. - The power differential between faculty and students is perhaps most evident when assessing student learning. By addressing power and privilege within the higher education classroom, we can better understand the need for equitable and culturally relevant methods of assessment.

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"Designing Classroom Assessments to Reduce Inequities”

"Designing Classroom Assessments to Reduce Inequities”

Dr. Karen Singer-Freeman, University of North Caroline at Charlotte - Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. - This session is designed for teaching faculty members and administrators that have an interest in reducing achievement gaps. Participants will gain an understanding of how assessment choices may perpetuate achievement gaps and learn about best practices to increase equity in assessment.


“Implicit Bias and Assessment data: How can we view assessment data through an equitable lens?”

“Implicit Bias and Assessment data: How can we view assessment data through an equitable lens?”

Nicole Perry and Mario Borha, Oakton Community College - Friday, March 20, 2020, 9:00 to 11:00 - What do you see when you look at student outcomes data disaggregated by student characteristics? This session will define unconscious/implicit bias and identify associated assumptions we make about students. This session will introduce strategies to look at data from an equity lens using disaggregated data from a general education assessment that was completed at Lindenwood.


Core Development Activities

Complete at least two activities from this list.

Implicit Bias Training

This interactive workshop will define implicit bias, demonstrate common forms of implicit bias and the potential impact on the university community, provide resources on campus, and allow participants to examine their own assumptions and privileges.

DEI Book Club

Following the success of the Whistling Vivaldi Learning Community last fall, the Lindenwood Learning Academy is pleased to announce another DEI book club this fall. We will be reading Multiculturalism on Campus. There are a few books left! Send any questions to Stephanie Afful,

Safe Zone Training

SafeZone is a training that we provide for Lindenwood University faculty, staff, and students to help them understand how to support and advocate for LGBTQI students, faculty, and staff. This training is done each semester.

Reflective Account of Professional Practice

This step is required to claim the Certificate.


To claim the Certificate, participants are required to submit a 1000-word (approx) reflective narrative outlining how the concepts they explored in the Core Development Activities and the Focused Development Activities have influenced their professional practice.

Reflective accounts are uploaded via the Canvas site for the Certificate. Email to be added to the Canvas site.

Once submitted, the Reflective Accounts will be peer-reviewed for feedback, and the Certificate will be awarded!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check here for answers to your burning questions!

1. I want to earn the Certificate! How do I get started?

To initiate the Certificate, you simply join any of the Focused Development Workshops on the list, where more information on how to earn the Certificate will be shared.

Alternatively, you are welcome to email to declare your intention of completing the Certificate. Either way, we'll be able to provide the guidance you need to complete the Certificate.

2. I have a question. Who do I ask?

Email and we will help you with any question. No question is too big or too small. 

3. Can I attend a workshop without intending to earn the Certificate?

Absolutely! All workshops are open to all Lindenwood faculty and staff, regardless of whether they intend to earn the Certificate. Please join!

4. How do I submit my Reflective Account of Professional Practice?

When you join your first Focused Development Workshop, you will be added to a Canvas site where you will find resources and guidance for writing and submitting your Reflective Account of Professional Practice.

5. I completed some of the Core Development Activities already. Do these count toward the Certificate?

Yes! In fact, you can count any of the Core Development Activities you have already done at Lindenwood OR at a previous institution (as long as you can provide some details).

6. I participated in a workshop on culturally responsive assessment elsewhere. Can this count?

Probably! Please email to discuss your workshop experience and how it might contribute toward the Certificate.

7. I know someone who would be an awesome workshop facilitator or speaker!

That is great news. Please email to share details. We might be able to bring them to campus next year.

8. I am not able to join any of the Focused Development Activities. What can I do?

If you are available at these times but not going to be on campus, you can email to set up a Zoom connection for any of the live workshops. 


9. Is this Certificate relevant to me?

The Focused Development Workshops will address topics that are relevant to faculty. These workshops will also provide key takeaways for staff who support student learning or who use data about students to inform planning, decision making, and continuous improvement.

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