Home Schooled Students

Home Schooled Students


Lindenwood University welcomes students from all educational backgrounds. Home schooled students are considered under the same selection criteria and application procedures as students who have graduated from a 4 year public or private high school. Students must provide a high school transcript certifying completion of secondary school education and results of either the ACT or SAT standardized test as described under the Admissions Standards section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Graduating seniors interested in full-time enrollment should contact the Day Admissions Office at (636) 949-4949. 

Proficiency Examinations
Many undergraduate courses at Lindenwood University may be challenged by examination. Exceptions include, but are not necessarily limited to student teaching, internships, studio courses, laboratory courses, and private music lessons. In addition, students may not receive credit for courses they previously have audited or attended unofficially.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests may also be used to qualify for specific credit. Students with CLEP and/or DANTES credit should consult with the Lindenwood registrar to determine whether their 10 achievement levels qualify for Lindenwood credit. A student may earn a maximum of 27 hours of credit through a combination of proficiency exams, recognized coursework, or portfolio creation. Students who pass a proficiency examination have two options.

They are as follows:
1. No credit is granted. However, any requirement involving the particular courses is waived.

2. Course credit is granted and posted on the transcript. The cumulative grade point average is not affected because no grade is recorded for a course completed in this manner. An administrative fee of $100* per credit hour is charged and must be paid before the credit is posted to the transcript. The charge for the proficiency examination is a flat rate: It may not be included in the student's full-time tuition or any other enrollment charge nor will the student be charged an overload fee.

*Note: This fee is subject to change. Please consult the fee schedule for current rates.

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