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AB Leadership Room

This is a time for all members of Delta Zeta to come together and discuss all matters pertaining to our sorority. This weekly meeting will be used to discuss upcoming events and goals for our semester.

Hyland VIP Room

Weekly meeting to discuss and update chapter

Sibley Chapel

Join Catholic Student Union and the Newman Center every Sunday at 8PM for a celebration of the mass! Mass will be held in Sibley Chapel, located on the side of Sibley Hall. 

Student Life Event

McCluer Lounge

Philosophy Club meetings are intended to promote an interest in philosophy to the Lindenwood University community by providing a forum in which such members can discuss philosophical matters through interactions with Philosophy…

Greek Event

LARC 345

This is a weekly meeting had to discuss events going on in within the sororities of our Greek Community!

Student Life Event, Personal Leadership

Evans Commons 3020

This fun, interactive workshop provides the opportunity for students to find the innate leadership skills within their personality and learn how to utilize those skills to lead themselves and others. The workshop will include…

Harmon Hall Room 254

Join us in developing yourself both socially and professionally!

Film Series

Library and Academic Resources Center, Theatre (Room 343)

A look at the life and work of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who has developed a breathtaking legal legacy while becoming an unexpected pop culture icon. Learn More

Lindenwood Library

LARC 343

This is an informal, yet inspiring hour in which we learn about professors’ passion for what they do. Professors will talk about how they discovered their academic interests, how they came to pursue their study, why it excites…

Delta Zeta Chapter Room

Delta Zeta reserves one night a month to focus solely on academics. it allows members to come together and study for any course they may have and also help one another with assignments. 

Film Series

Library and Academic Resources Center, Theatre (Room 343)

The tale of an enigmatic band of ramen ronin who guide the widow of a noodle shop owner on her quest for the perfect recipe, Tampopo serves up a savory broth of culinary adventure. Learn More

Accelerated Quarter Calendar

Fall Quarter 2018

Lindenwood University
209 S. Kingshighway
St. Charles, MO 63301