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Jul 2

The Plan to Reopen Campus

Roaring Return

Lindenwood University has implemented a phased return to campus and will begin the fall semester as scheduled on August 24. Lindenwood personnel and offices continue to be available for business by telephone and email. Please visit for continued updates and information about health and safety policies.

Past Presidents

Michael D. ShonrockDr. Michael D. Shonrock


  • Launched the university's Strategic Plan, "Real Experience. Real Success," including the Q2 Hospitality / Service Excellence Plan
  • Initiated numerous enhancements to information technology, human resources, and facilities.
  • Commenced the university's Main Street Welcome Center.

James D. EvansDr. James D. Evans


Dennis SpellmannDennis Spellmann


  • Enabled Lindenwood to become completely debt-free.
  • Began an ambitious building program that continued after he passed away in 2006.
  • Increased enrollment four-fold.

James I. SpainhowerDr. James I. Spainhower


  • Served in the Missouri State Legislature and as Missouri state treasurer prior to his time at Lindenwood.
  • Served as the first chairman of the Missouri Children’s Trust Fund.
  • Renewed Lindenwood's historic allegiance to Judeo-Christian values.

Robert JohnsDr. Robert Johns


  • Applied conventional business model to help the college through rough financial times.

William Courtney SpencerDr. William Courtney Spencer


  • Doubled enrollment to over 1,700 students during his tenure.
  • Initiated graduate programs in business and teacher education.
  • Started Lindenwood's College for Individualized Education.

John Anthony BrownDr. John Anthony Brown


  • Founded Lindenwood College for Men in 1969. 
  • Convinced the Missouri State Legislature to provide state aid to students in private colleges for the first time in history.
  • Changed Lindenwood from a women’s college to a coeducational institution.

Franc L. McCluerDr. Franc L. McCluer


  • President of Westminister College in Fulton, Mo., when Winston Churchill gave his “Iron Curtain” Speech.
  • Dr. McCluer’s nickname was "Bullet" due to his oratorical skill.

Harry Morehouse GageDr. Harry Morehouse Gage


  • Outspoken critic of Adolph Hitler before the United States entered World War II.
  • Encouraged students to help with the war effort by raising money for a ship and a plane and conducting blood drives.

John Lincoln RoemerRev. John Lincoln Roemer


  • Refused the position of president three times before finally accepting.
  • Greatly expanded enrollment and built six buildings during his presidency.

John Fenton HendyRev. John Fenton Hendy


  • Served as president of Oswego Women’s College in Oswego, Kan., for three years.
  • Pastored in Jefferson City, Mo., and for many years was considered the most influential minister in Missouri’s capitol city.

George Frederick AyresDr. George Frederick Ayres


  • Received $10,000 from Andrew Carnegie to build Jubilee Hall in 1907 (renamed Ayres Hall in 1927).
  • Died while president.

Matthew Howell ReaserDr. Matthew Howell Reaser


  • Was president of Oswego College prior to his time at Lindenwood.
  • Managed to increase enrollment substantially, reduce debt, and raise money for improvements.

William Sims KnightRev. William Sims Knight


  • Founder of a college in Carthage, Mo., prior to coming to Lindenwood.

Robert IrwinRev. Robert Irwin


  • Added the south wing to Sibley Hall in 1881 and the north wing in 1887.
  • Established Lindenwood’s first gymnasium in 1890.

Mary E. JewellMary E. Jewell


  • Only other woman, besides Mary Sibley, to serve as president of Lindenwood.
  • Very little is known of her, other than she later married A.S. Mermod.

J. Howard NixonRev. J. Howard Nixon


  • Served as pastor to U.S. President Benjamin Harrison when he lived in Indianapolis, Ind.

French StrotherProfessor French Strother


  • Personally held a lease on Lindenwood College and spent a great deal of money on improvements.
  • Southern sympathizer who lost a lawsuit over the control of Lindenwood to the Northern Presbyterian Church.

Thomas P. BarbourRev. Thomas P. Barbour


  • Convinced many parents that Lindenwood would be safe from the battles of the Civil War.
  • Resigned because he refused to take an oath of allegiance to the United States during Reconstruction.

Addison Van Court ScheneckRev. Addison Van Court  Schenck


  • Son died in 1858 and was buried in the cemetery behind Lindenwood.
  • Father-in-law led the daily services for Lindenwood’s students.

Mary SibleyMary Sibley


  • Founded Lindenwood as a Presbyterian women’s college in 1827.
  • Her father, Rufus Easton, was one of the first judges for the Missouri Territory.
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