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Steineger, Joseph

Assistant Professor, Philosophy
School of Humanities - Philosophy

Butler Hall 103
(636) 949 4621

Course Information

Term Course Course Name

FA SEM 16 PHL 15000 11  Introduction to Philosophy (GE-Phl-Rel)
FA SEM 16 PHL 15000 12  Introduction to Philosophy (GE-Phl-Rel)
FA SEM 16 PHL 15000 13  Introduction to Philosophy (GE-Phl-Rel)
FA SEM 16 PHL 32500 21  Philosophy of Religion (GE-Phl-Rel)
SP SEM 17 PHL 15000 12  Introduction to Philosophy (GE-Phl-Rel)
SP SEM 17 PHL 15000 13  Introduction to Philosophy (GE-Phl-Rel)
SP SEM 17 PHL 31200 31  Medieval Philosophy (GE-Phl-Rel)
SP SEM 17 PHL 38002 21  Selected Topics: Augustine's Confessions (GE-Phl-Rel)


Joseph Steineger is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Lindenwood University.  He received a B.A. (2003) and M.A. (2005) from the University of Kansas, and a second M.A. (2007) and Ph.D. (2014) from the University of Chicago.  His primary teaching and research interests are in Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, and Philosophy of Mind within the context of Medieval Philosophy.  More specifically, these interests include the existence and nature of a first cause, hylomorphic accounts of mind and reality, and the role of philosophy in guiding one’s way of life.  Dr. Steineger is an enthusiastic teacher of college undergraduates, having taught philosophy at the University of Chicago, the University of Kansas, Aurora University, St. Xavier University, and Joliet Junior College.

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