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Nunez-Betelu, Maite

Associate Professor
School of Humanities

Butler Hall 302
(636) 949-4485

Course Information

Term Course Course Name

SP SEM 16 SPA 10100 11  Elementary Spanish I (GE-ForLang)
SP SEM 16 SPA 10100 12  Elementary Spanish I (GE-ForLang)
SP SEM 16 SPA 10100 13  Elementary Spanish I (GE-ForLang)
SP SEM 16 SPA 31300 SA11 ABRD Advanced Spanish Composition Workshop (GE-CrsClt)
SP SEM 16 SPA 31400 SA11 ABRD Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (GE-CrsClt)
SP SEM 16 SPA 32100 SA11 ABRD Practical Oral/Written Expression
SP SEM 16 SPA 32101 SA11 ABRD Advanced Spanish Grammar
SP SEM 16 SPA 32102 SA11 ABRD Business Spanish
SP SEM 16 SPA 32103 SA11 ABRD English-Spanish Translation
SP SEM 16 SPA 32104 SA11 ABRD Islamic Culture in Spain
SP SEM 16 SPA 32105 SA11 ABRD Jewish Culture in Spain
SP SEM 16 SPA 32106 SA11 ABRD Selected Periods in the History of Spain
SP SEM 16 SPA 32107 SA11 ABRD Selected Periods in the History of Latin America
SP SEM 16 SPA 32108 SA11 ABRD Geography of Spain
SP SEM 16 SPA 32109 SA11 ABRD Society and Politics in Modern Spain
SP SEM 16 SPA 32110 SA11 ABRD The Political System of the European Union
SP SEM 16 SPA 32111 SA11 ABRD Economy and Business in Spain and Latin America
SP SEM 16 SPA 32112 SA11 ABRD The Spanish and Latin American Economies
SP SEM 16 SPA 32113 SA11 ABRD History of Art in Spain
SP SEM 16 SPA 32114 SA11 ABRD Selected Periods of the History of Art in Spain
SP SEM 16 SPA 32115 SA11 ABRD History of Spanish Cinema
SP SEM 16 SPA 32116 SA11 ABRD Health, Ecology, and the Environment in Spain
SP SEM 16 SPA 32117 SA11 ABRD Special Topics: Culture
SP SEM 16 SPA 32118 SA11 ABRD Selected Authors, Works, & Themes in Spanish Literature
SP SEM 16 SPA 32119 SA11 ABRD Selected Authors, Works, & Themes in Latin American Lit
SP SEM 16 SPA 32120 SA11 ABRD Spanish Theater
SP SEM 16 SPA 32121 SA11 ABRD Literature of Costa Rica (GE-CrsClt)
SP SEM 16 SPA 32122 SA11 ABRD Latin American Theater (GE-CrsClt)
SP SEM 16 SPA 32123 SA11 ABRD Literature of the Spanish Conquest Period (GE-CrsClt)
SP SEM 16 SPA 32124 SA11 ABRD Literature of the Spanish Language: Open Topics (GE-CrsClt)
SP SEM 16 SPA 33700 SA11 ABRD Costa Rica: Hist & Soc of 19th & 20th Centuries (GE-CrsClt)
SP SEM 16 SPA 41300 11  Major Movements in the 19th-Cent Spanish Novel (GE-CrsClt)


Maite Nunez-Betelu was born in the Basque Country.  After finishing her studies in English Philology, she moved to the United States where she completed her M.A. in Comparative Literature and her Ph. D. in Romance Languages. Dr. Nunez-Betelu's main focus of research is Basque Women Writers.
Teaching interests: Spanish Language and Peninsular Literature, History and Culture
Research interests: Women writers, particularly in the Basque Language, Basque and Spanish Literature

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