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Noonan, Sarah L.

Assistant Professor
Butler Hall 306
(636) 627-2506

There are no classes being taught in this current term.


Sarah Noonan received her PhD in medieval English literature from Washington University in St. Louis in 2010 and is currently an Assistant Professor of English at Lindenwood University. Her research focuses on late-medieval British literature and manuscript studies.  She is currently working on her first book project, titled The Book in Parts: Selective Reading Practices in Late Medieval England.


June 2014           Huntington Library Exchange Fellowship with Lincoln College, Oxford

July 2013            Short-Term Fellowship, Folger Shakespeare Library

Jan. 2013            H.P. Kraus Fellowship in Early Books and Manuscripts, Beinecke Library, Yale University

Summer 2012     Franklin Research Grant, American Philosophical Society

Selected Publications

Forthcoming: “‘Bycause the redyng shold not turne hem to enoye’: Reading, Selectivity, and Pietatis Affectum in Late Medieval England,” New Medieval Literatures 15 (2015)


 “A Translation of Body and Form: Setting the Short Charter of Christ to Music in BL Additional MS 5465,” Viator 45.2 (Summer 2014): 335-55


“Private Reading and the Rolls of the Symbols of the Passion,” Journal of the Early Book Society 15 (2012): 289-304


“Manuscript Study and the Scale of Historical Inquiry: A Case Study of Handlyng Synne,” 19th Intl. Congress of the New Chaucer Society in Reykjavík, Iceland, July 2014

“Searching for ‘Goostly Feele’: Reading the Pseudo-Augustinian Soliloquies in BL MS Cotton Titus C. xix,” Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, St. Louis University, July 2013

“Translating Layout and Transforming Reading Practices: A Consideration of Handlyng Synne and the Manuel des Péchés,” 29th Conference of the Illinois Medieval Association at the Newberry Library, February 2013

“Discontinuous Reading Practices: Reading for Affect in Late Medieval Devotional Literature,” 18th Intl. Congress of the New Chaucer Society in Portland, OR, July 2012

“Reading the Rolls of the Symbols of the Passion,” 46th Intl. Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, May 2011

“Body into Song: The ‘Short Charter of Christ,’” 125th Modern Language Association Convention in Philadelphia, December 2009

“When the Page Looks Back: Reading the Anglo-Norman Vision of Saint Paul in Cambridge, Corpus Christi College MS 20,” 44th Intl. Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, May 2009

“Reading Texts, Reading Bodies: Negotiations of Corporeal Boundaries in Fourteenth-Century Religious Lyrics,” Southeastern Medieval Association 34th Annual Meeting in St. Louis, October 2008

“Scribal Uncertainty: An Examination of the Charters of Christ,” 16th Intl. Congress of the New Chaucer Society in Swansea, UK, July 2008

“‘The Pains of Sin and the Joys of Heaven’: Exploring the Rhetorical Strategies of Lists in the Vernon MS,” 43rd Intl. Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, May 2008

“Compilation and Thematic Exploration in Laud Misc. 108,” Comparative Literature Symposium, Washington University in St. Louis, March 2007

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