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Mar 1

Special Notice Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic

Roaring Return

For important updates on Lindenwood University campus safety precautions and associated information from public health officials, please visit our Roaring Return page and the CDC's COVID-19 site. Complete the Initial Assessment Survey to report symptoms, exposure, or positive test results of COVID-19.

Strategic Enrollment Plan

Strategic Enrollment PlanStrategic enrollment planning is a process to align the university’s enrollment management strategies with its academic, co-curricular, and fiscal strategies and practices in order to promote the recruitment, retention, and graduation of its students. The process should be data-driven and broadly engaging of all university stakeholders.

In other words, the strategic enrollment planning process will ask Lindenwood to determine the optimum size and make-up of its student body, and to strategize attracting and retaining those students according to the university mission, overall strategic plan, and realistic data projections.

Strategic Enrollment Plan Digest

Strategic Enrollment Plan Digest

This digest is intended to keep the Lindenwood community up-to-date on developments in the SEP process and provide resources and insight for people involved or interested in taking a closer look at specific issues related to the process.



The external environment in higher education is changing quickly, and to remain competitive Lindenwood must have a capability to adapt. Keeping the strategic intent aligned with Lindenwood’s core identity as well as its environment will be critical and can be accomplished through integrated strategic planning activities. We cannot predict the future; however, the data-informed process of strategic enrollment planning will allow us to anticipate possible future scenarios. An iterative planning process allows flexibility and continuous strategic adjustment. The end goal of the process will be to identify and execute strategic initiatives that best position Lindenwood for reaching the established objectives.

Benefits of strategic enrollment planning include:

  • The planning process itself fosters a campus culture that is focused on the external environment
  • Creates a greater readiness for change and the ability to adapt to the changing landscape of higher education
  • Takes advantage of core competencies and capabilities to design strategies which Lindenwood can realistically execute
  • Maintains a focus on results by incorporating measures for key performance indicators and return on investment
  • Aligns campus resources to common goals
  • Promotes a data-informed and enrollment-focused culture


  • July 2018 – Project approved by Cabinet; Board informed
  • August 2018 – University Committee for Strategic Enrollment Planning (UC-SEP) formed
  • October 2018 – Strategic working groups formed
  • Summer 2019 – Implementation of initial high-impact, easily executed initiatives
  • November 2019 – Working groups submit final reports with suggested action plans
  • December 2019 – UC-SEP and Cabinet select and budget for first round of action plans
  • 2020-2021 – Implementation of first-round action plans

University Committee for Strategic Enrollment Planning

The University Committee for Strategic Enrollment Planning guides the strategic enrollment planning process, analyzing data, establishing timelines, and overseeing working groups. The committee is formed of representatives from a broad array of departments.



Sara Wiedman, Chair

Enrollment Management

Erin Mann, Chair

Academic Affairs

Alison Albee

Biology/School of Sciences

Betsy Feutz


Molly Hudgins

Academic Affairs

W. Travis McMaken

Philosophy & Religion/School of Humanities

Reeta Piirala-Skoglund


Christie Rodgers

Academic Affairs

David Rosenwasser

Marketing/Plaster School of Business

Kara Schilli

Enrollment Management

Cynthia Schroeder

Health Sciences

Dean of Students

Student Affairs

Oran Woodworth

Fiscal Affairs

Nicole Sullivan

Enrollment Management

Zachary Alley

Academic Affairs


Please use the form below to contribute ideas, potential strategies, or data for the consideration of the UC-SEP or the strategic working groups.

Lindenwood University
209 S. Kingshighway
St. Charles, MO 63301