Dr. Romero Receives NHC Equitable Access Grant

Dr. Romero Receives NHC Equitable Access Grant

Dr. Romero Receives NHC Equitable Access Grant

One of Lindenwood University's values is excellence, which is a reflection not only of students but of the faculty in the University’s classrooms. As faculty strive to expand a student’s knowledge and understanding of a topic, they too, seek opportunities to grow professionally.

Professor of Spanish Dr. Gabriela Romero was selected to receive a National Humanities Conference Equitable Access Grant. The grant will allow Romero to attend the National Humanities Conference in Los Angeles.

"It's exciting to bring Lindenwood University's commitment to the Humanities to a national stage and to be able to bring back to our students and colleagues the latest in Humanities pedagogy and programming, addressing power skills, such as effective communication, cultural literacy, global citizenship, and empathy,” Romero said.

Dr. Gabriela RomeroIn its inaugural year, the grant was awarded to 15 attendees nationwide, including Romero. The grant is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Recipients represent a variety of organizations, including four-year colleges and universities, museums, community colleges, and libraries, to name a few. In addition to networking with peers, grant recipients will participate in a three-day conference committed to sharing best practices for “deepening the public’s engagement with the humanities.”

“The event gives Humanities practitioners the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and network, while getting to know NEH senior staff. Dr. Romero will share her experience with her colleagues, students, and the community to enhance exposure and access to Humanities programming—a testament to academic dedication and quality here at Lindenwood,” Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities Dr. Kathi Vosevich said.

Committed to excellence, Romero will bring back resources to enhance the Lindenwood University classrooms and positively impact the students in her classroom.