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Mercy Invests in Nursing at Lindenwood

Mercy Invests in Nursing at Lindenwood

Mercy has partnered with Lindenwood University to support the newly proposed nursing program at Lindenwood by committing an initial gift of $250,000. In early September, Lindenwood University’s President Dr. John Porter announced that the University intends to seek approvals for a nursing program beginning in Fall 2024.

“Mercy’s gift demonstrates the importance of establishing a nursing program here in St. Charles,” said Porter. “Mercy has long been an advocate for the well-being of our neighbors, and we are honored to work together on this important endeavor.”

Porter attended the event with representatives from both the University and Mercy. In attendance from Mercy were Mercy Senior Vice President of Financial Operations and Lindenwood Board Member Cheryl Matjeka, Mercy East General Surgery Specialist Dr. David Meiners, Mercy St. Louis Vice President of Finance Denise Scoffic, Mercy St. Louis Chief Medical Officer Dr. Phineas Oren and Mercy St. Louis Chief Nursing Officer Robyn Weilbacher. Representing Lindenwood alongside Porter were Provost Dr. Bethany Alden-Rivers, Dean of the College of Science, Technology, and Health Dr. Cynthia Schroeder and Associate Professor of Nursing Darrell DeMartino.

Lindenwood has outlined a rigorous business plan and timeline for the project. The University has invested significant funding and seeks to hire talented faculty who will guide curriculum development, recruitment, and the accreditation process.

The program is in the process of seeking approval by the state, specialized accrediting agencies, Board of Nursing, and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The proposed program has received approval and endorsement from internal Lindenwood faculty committees and the University’s Board of Trustees.

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