Three Lindenwood Graduates Place First at NATA Quiz Bowl

Three Lindenwood Graduates Place First at NATA Quiz Bowl

Three Lindenwood Graduates Place First at NATA Quiz Bowl

Three Lindenwood University graduates represented District V at the 74th National Athletic Trainer’s Association’s Clinical Symposia and AT Expo Quiz Bowl in June at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

Nicholas Andrews, Aaliyah Moore, and Celia Schroeder placed first following the Jeopardy-style event. The three LU students also took home first place in the team competition in March before traveling to the national event. All three graduated with a BS in athletic training in May.

Each of the NATA’s 11 districts from across the nation selected three students to compete and represent their district at the national conference. Selections were based on performance at state and district-level competitions.

The national competition didn’t begin as planned, Moore said, but she was happy she and the team rebounded.

“I thought, ‘There’s no way we’re about to lose like this,’” Moore said of the tough start. “Then, we went on a 10-question winning streak and it was at that moment I knew we were about to walk out as champions.” 

Schroeder was nervous throughout the competition. As the team grew more confident with each passing round, she knew they could win it.

“It wasn’t until we got to our final question that it had finally clicked that we would be placing above every other school in the nation and showing how outstanding our professors, preceptors, and program truly are,” Schroeder said.

The teamwork of Moore, Schroeder, and Andrews is a reflection of what they have learned throughout their careers at Lindenwood. And now they will take their championship experience into their future professional careers.

“We had an impact and left a legacy on the athletic training program as it shifts from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s program,” Andrews said. “Our preceptors and professors gave us the tools we need to succeed academically and professionally.”