University Founding Year Identified as 1832

University Founding Year Identified as 1832

University Founding Year Identified as 1832

In a unanimous decision by the Lindenwood University Board of Trustees, the University will update its founding year to 1832.

After a review process that took more than a year, ample primary evidence, including writings from both Mary and George Sibley, demonstrated the historical accuracy of the school’s establishment in 1832.

The University engaged many partners in the review process including the University Archivist, several faculty members, and the St. Charles Historical Society. Included on the team of historians was Dr. Marcus Smith, assistant professor of history.

"This is a teachable moment for our students," Smith said. "We ask our students to act with integrity and it is important for us, as an institution, to do the same. As a university, we take truthfulness and accuracy seriously. When we are unsure about something, we owe it to ourselves to investigate and find the right answer. Changing a founding date by five years may seem trivial to some, but we believe that if we are faithful in the small things, we will be faithful in the big things."

Over the next 18 months, the University will work to update this date in many places. Historical documents will not be impacted in this revision and archived material indicating 1827 as Lindenwood’s founding year will continue to be preserved appropriately.

By July 1, 2024, the University will fully transition to utilizing 1832 as its founding year.