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The Lindenwood Advantage

The Lindenwood Advantage is a Loan Repayment Assistance Program, or LRAP (pronounced “el-wrap”), and it can help graduates with modest incomes repay their student loans (and loans borrowed by their parents) after graduation.

How It Works

  • Lindenwood University awards The Lindenwood Advantage to a student — at no cost.
  • The student attends Lindenwood University, possibly incurring student loan debt.
  • The student graduates from Lindenwood, starts working, and begins repaying their student loans.
  • Graduates earning under $50,000 a year qualify for reimbursement of their student loan payments. Depending on their income, they could qualify for up to 100% reimbursement.

The Lindenwood Advantage assistance continues until the graduate is earning $50,000 a year or more, or until the loan balance is paid off entirely. 

The assistance that The Lindenwood Advantage provides is substantial—and for many graduates is truly the help they need to work in entry level or lower-paying jobs as they start their careers.

The Lindenwood Advantage is an important investment that Lindenwood University is making in the success of students and their ability to fully pursue their passions after graduation.

*Students who qualify for the program will be invited to apply.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do prospective students have to sign up in order to have the Lindenwood Advantage?

Yes, all incoming traditional* students that want to ensure they have the Lindenwood Advantage need to sign up before move-in day via the information provided through the admissions process.

Current Student - Am I covered by the Lindenwood Advantage?

Given the nature of our agreement and Ardeo Education Solutions’ model, we are unable to cover every currently enrolled student. Students who have cost and financial concerns can talk with their Student Financial Services advisor for options open to them. Email us at

Alumni - Am I covered by the Lindenwood Advantage?

Given the nature of our agreement and Ardeo Education Solutions’ model, we are unable to cover alumni who have already graduated. If you are struggling with loan repayment, we can walk you through ways to navigate the loan repayment process with your servicer. Contact Student Financial Services for more assistance at

What led you to offering the Lindenwood Advantage to the incoming class?

Over the past few years, we have heard from parents and students who have expressed concerns about the cost of college, student debt, and the value of a college degree.  At Lindenwood University, we want our students and families to know that we believe in Real Experience and Real Success, setting our students up for long term success.  

How will the Lindenwood Advantage help students who wish to go on to graduate school or pursue international service?

To help these types of graduates, we allow them the ability to pause their eligibility under our program while they complete graduate school or pursue up to three years of international work.

Does this program encourage students to incur more debt?

This program does not remove the responsibility for students and parents to repay their loans. We cover up to $17,000 in any academic year and an aggregated total of $70,000. Our partners at Ardeo Education Solutions provide assistance to those who start out their careers with modest salaries, but students and parents are ultimately responsible for repaying all debts incurred if the student’s income does not qualify for the Lindenwood Advantage. We thus do not believe that offering this program will drive higher loan amounts, but instead will allow students and parents to borrow the funds necessary to attend our institution and receive the high-quality education that prepares them to pursue their calling, no matter what that calling may be.

How is this different than Federal Income-Based Repayment Programs (e.g. “IBR”)?

The program complements any federal repayment programs, such as the Income-Based Repayment Program (IBR), which is designed to assist solely the graduate's federal loans. Our program not only provides a safety net for these federal loans but also covers private and Parent PLUS loans, providing peace of mind for both students and parents.

So essentially, you are providing an insurance program to your students? 

We prefer to call it a safety net. We prepare students to follow their dreams irrespective of income. Even if the majority of our recent graduates are employed or in graduate school, we know that some will still need and use this safety net to pursue their passions and highest ambitions.  

How much does the Lindenwood Advantage cost?

Nothing! This is a free service that we offer to students who sign up and qualify for the program.  

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