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Assistant Professor, English
School of Humanities (Saint Charles)

Course Information

Term Course Course Name
SU SEM 18 ENGL 20500 OL11 ONLNE British Literature I (GE-HC:Lit)(GE-Lit)
FA SEM 18 ENGL 20500 01 British Literature I (GE-HC:Lit)(GE-Lit)
FA SEM 18 ENGL 38001 OL01 ONLNE Mdvl Afterlives:Mod Recep of Medieval Lit(GE-HC:Lit)(GE-Lit)
FA SEM 18 ENGL 40400 01 History of the English Language
SP SEM 19 ENGL 20100 01 World Literature I (GE-HC:Lit/HD)(GE-Lit/CrsClt)
SP SEM 19 ENGL 28101 OL01 ONLNE Sel Top: Medieval Celtic Literature & Culture (GE-HC:Lit/HD)
SP SEM 19 ENGL 45400 01 Senior Thesis
Lindenwood University
209 S. Kingshighway
St. Charles, MO 63301