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Green, Christina

Associate Professor
School of Humanities

Butler Hall 217
(636) 949-4560

Course Information

Term Course Course Name

FA SEM 15 ENGL 17000 03  Research and Argumentation (GE-Eng)
FA SEM 15 ENGL 17000 05  Research and Argumentation (GE-Eng)
FA SEM 15 ENGL 20200 05  World Literature II (GE-Lit/CrsClt)
FA SEM 15 ENGL 20200 07  World Literature II (GE-Lit/CrsClt)
JAN TRM 16 ENGL 19901 JAN1  Sp.Top:Selected Stephen King Short Stories from Text to Film
SP SEM 16 ENGL 17000 03  Research and Argumentation (GE-Eng)
SP SEM 16 ENGL 17000 07  Research and Argumentation (GE-Eng)
SP SEM 16 ENGL 20100 10  World Literature I (GE-Lit/CrsClt)
SP SEM 16 ENGL 20100 11  World Literature I (GE-Lit/CrsClt)


Professor Green has earned a B.A. in English from Regis University in Denver, an M.A.T. at Webster University, and an M.A. in Literature and Composition/Rhetoric from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  At Regis University, she received the English Department Award of Excellence.
Professor Green is the faculty sponsor of the International English Honors Society, Sigma Tau Delta, and the director for the Study English Abroad at York St. John's University in York, England.
In addition to teaching courses in literature and composition, Prof. Green also hopes to design courses for the study of the short stories of Stephen King and the science fiction novels of Margaret Atwood. 

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