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Kerksiek, Jo

School of Humanities

Butler Hall 205
(636) 949-4849

Course Information

Term Course Course Name

SP SEM 16 GEO 18903 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: Social and Cultural Geography
SP SEM 16 HIS 18902 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: Empires
SP SEM 16 HIS 18903 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: The Visible Past
SP SEM 16 HIS 28905 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: From Slavery to Freedom in America
SP SEM 16 HIS 28906 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: Roads to Revolution: England, 1558-1642
SP SEM 16 HIS 28907 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: China, the Sleeping Dragon
SP SEM 16 HIS 28908 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: The Age of Revolution in Europe, 1780-1815
SP SEM 16 HIS 30200 11  Modern Europe
SP SEM 16 HIS 33700 11  The Soviet Union and European Communism
SP SEM 16 HIS 38903 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: The American Nation Divided
SP SEM 16 HIS 38904 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: Late Victorian and Edwardian Britain
SP SEM 16 HIS 38905 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: The Great Society: America in the 1960s
SP SEM 16 HIS 38908 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: The First Crusade
SP SEM 16 HIS 38909 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: Origins of the Second World War
FA SEM 16 ABRD 1 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad
FA SEM 16 HIST 16200 12  World History Since 1500 (GE-WHis)
FA SEM 16 HIST 18901 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: War and Society
FA SEM 16 HIST 24200 11  Modern Europe (GE-CrsClt)
FA SEM 16 HIST 28901 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: The Flowering of the Middle Ages
FA SEM 16 HIST 28902 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: Europe in the Age of Nationalism, 1848-1914
FA SEM 16 HIST 28903 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: Culture and Society in the USA, 1929-1960
FA SEM 16 HIST 28904 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: The Rise and Fall of Soviet Communism
FA SEM 16 HIST 34200 11  The Civilization of Industrialism
FA SEM 16 HIST 38901 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: Early Victorian England
FA SEM 16 HIST 38902 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: The English Civil War
FA SEM 16 HIST 38906 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: Anglo American Relations
FA SEM 16 HIST 38907 SA11 ABRD Study Abroad: Conflict on the East Asian Mainland

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