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Golik, Wojciech

Division Chair, Math and Computer Sciences
School of Sciences

Young Hall 318
(636) 949-4701

Course Information

Term Course Course Name

SU SEM 16 MTH 14100 OL31 ONLNE Basic Statistics (GE-Math)
FA SEM 16 MTH 17500 11  Business Calculus and Applications (GE-Math)
FA SEM 16 MTH 31500 11  Linear Algebra I
SP SEM 17 MTH 17500 11  Business Calculus and Applications (GE-Math)
SP SEM 17 MTH 28500 21  Introduction to Advanced Mathematics


A native of Poland, Dr. Wojciech L. Golik has been Professor of Mathematics at Lindenwood since 2002 and Chair of Division of Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Pre-Engineering since 2008.   He and his wife Joletta have lived in St. Louis since 1988. 

Educational and Professional Experience

Dr. Golik has an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Poznan Technological University in Poland.   After graduation he worked for a year in Poland as an engineer.   In 1983 he came to the US where he earned an M.Sc. and PhD, both in Mathematics, from New Mexico State University.  He has taught mathematics and computer science courses for nearly 30 years at New Mexico State University,  University of Missouri at St. Louis, St. Louis Community College, Webster University, and Lindenwood University.


Dr. Golik is a member of the Mathematical Association of America, the American Mathematical Society, and the American Contract Bridge League.  

Research Interests

Dr. Golik primary research interest lie in the area of numerical analysis, in particular, in numerical solutions of differential and integral equations (DIEs).  His research papers dealt with optimizing the performance of numerical algorithms for DIEs with respect to their speed and accuracy of approximations.  His most recent research papers dealt with algorithm improvements for computational electromagnetics, a branch of computational mathematics used in computer simulations of electromagnetic phenomena.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Golike have taught about 30 different mathematics, computer science, and engineering courses during his professional career.  Recently he has taught courses in Statistics, Calculus, History of Mathematics, and Linear Algebra.

Selected Publications


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