Dr. Jose Jones Receives 2023 Alumni Service Award

Dr. Jose Jones Receives 2023 Alumni Service Award

Dr. Jose Jones Receives 2023 Alumni Service Award

Dr. Jose Jones received the 2023 Alumni Service Award in April for his charitable and professional work. Jones continues Lindenwood University’s longstanding tradition of outstanding service – from faculty and staff assisting students to alumni like Jones, who is a pioneer in boxing therapy.

Jones is a licensed professional counselor and retired boxer who founded “The Boxing Therapy,” a gym in St. Charles designed to help people boost their self-discipline, self-esteem and self-motivation while reducing stress, depression, and anxiety.

Jones earned multiple degrees at Lindenwood. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and Marketing in 2006; an MBA with an emphasis in International Business in ’07; a master’s in School and Professional Counseling in ’11; and a doctorate in education in ’18.

His time at Lindenwood was memorable, and the experiences he gained have translated to a successful professional career and changed his life. He has a different perspective on life compared to when he grew up in Panama City, Panama. He credits that to his years at Lindenwood.  

“Everything I know was taught at Lindenwood,” he said. “Everything that Lindenwood taught me as a student and as a man, I was able to put all that knowledge and project that into the community. To me, that was like, ‘Man, I’m coming home to my family.’ I see Lindenwood as my adopted family. Everything I do started at Lindenwood. I’m just following the Lindenwood roots. That DNA is in me.”

Jones used the knowledge he gained from Lindenwood as a springboard into his professional counseling career. He offers tailored programs for adults, youth, and children with special needs, including Parkinson’s disease, autism, Down syndrome, and ALS. He also provides mental health support and resources to Lindenwood students.

“It was a great feeling to be recognized by all the leaders in the community,” Jones said. “I feel greatness. I used to be a professional boxer. We all get knocked down and we’re all champions. I got that at Lindenwood. Helping the community is something I’ll never take for granted.”