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Four Academic Colleges Guide Lindenwood's Future

Four Academic Colleges Guide Lindenwood's Future

Lindenwood University proudly transitions from six academic schools to four academic colleges beginning July 1, 2021. This restructure allows for alignment of like-minded scholars and align with the University’s strategic plan, set to be rolled out in early fall.

Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Bethany Alden-Rivers, described the transition. “Reconfiguring six academic schools into four academic colleges provides a clear and supportive structure for serving our students. The synergies that we will realize across our academic program portfolio will not only offer more efficiency, institutionally, but also a more relevant and compelling value proposition for our students,” she shared. “Additionally, conceptualizing our academic schools as academic colleges provides a more accurate and meaningful lens for us to view our work. The size and scope of our academic schools is definitely in-step with what the higher education sector more commonly describes as ‘colleges’. This alignment is important as Lindenwood positions itself as a key player within this global community.”

The Robert W. Plaster College of Business and Entrepreneurship has adopted the college moniker and will continue in their pursuit of preparing outstanding professionals under Dean Molly Hudgins. A hub for creative works, the College of Arts and Humanities will be led by Dr. Kathi Vosevich. Guiding the scientific research interests of Lindenwood is Dr. Cynthia Schroeder, who will serve as dean for the College of Science, Technology, and Health. The College of Education and Human Services will be directed by Dr. Anthony Scheffler and continue their tradition of excellence in education.

Four academic colleges will take advantage of synergies that will distinguish Lindenwood in the future and provide the best interdisciplinary experience for students and faculty.

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