New Grant to Bolster Duree Center for Entrepreneurship

New Grant to Bolster Duree Center for Entrepreneurship

New Grant to Bolster Duree Center for Entrepreneurship

Lindenwood University’s Duree Center for Entrepreneurship received a grant from Thrivent Financial to enhance its “Leading Boldly” nonprofit management education programming.

The support from Thrivent Financial will be pivotal in expanding the Duree Center’s educational initiatives and support for nonprofit innovation in the region. It also will help the Duree Center develop and deploy practical learning modules, establish mentoring opportunities, and facilitate networking events.

“Leading Boldly” It is an educational series featuring many professional development workshops this spring. Highly qualified nonprofit experts will provide the knowledge, tools, and connections to become an effective nonprofit professional, volunteer, or board member and help organizations grow.

This grant will aid aspiring Lindenwood students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their respective endeavors beyond Lindenwood.

"We are grateful to Thrivent Financial for their generous support," Duree Center for Entrepreneurship Associate Director Julie Turner said. "This grant will allow us to expand our 'Leading Boldly' education programming, empowering our participants to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of nonprofit leadership with confidence and ingenuity."

The Duree Center for Entrepreneurship is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, developing leadership skills, and driving innovation. Through empowering programs, mentorship opportunities, and networking events, the Duree Center for Entrepreneurship aims to create a dynamic and supportive ecosystem that nurtures aspiring entrepreneurs toward success.