Talented Faculty Join College of Science, Technology, and Health

Talented Faculty Join College of Science, Technology, and Health

Talented Faculty Join College of Science, Technology, and Health

The College of Science, Technology, and Health welcomes several new faculty members across disciplines for the 2022-23 academic year.

Haw Cheng, PhD

Lindenwood’s natural sciences programs welcome Cheng, who specializes in astrophysics. “I am excited to become a part of the dynamic and vital community that is Lindenwood University. I look forward to working with all of my new colleagues and students, and can't wait to explore the St. Louis area,” Cheng said. Cheng earned a bachelor's degree in physics from Georgia Institute of Technology and completed a master’s and PhD in Astrophysics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Harry Cintineo, PhD

A new addition to the Kinesiology Department, from Montvale, N.J., Cintineo brings expertise in health and human performance. “I chose to work at Lindenwood because it provides a big-school experience with a small-school feel. I am most looking forward to working with students in the classroom and the lab. As a professor, I can share my expertise with students while continuing to expand my own knowledge. My favorite courses to teach include strength and conditioning and research methods,” Cintineo said. Cintineo earned a bachelor’s in molecular biology from Fairfield University, a Master of Science in Health and Human Performance and a Master of Science in Applied Nutrition from Canisius College, and a PhD in Exercise Science from University of South Carolina.

Brittany Goodman, PhD

Goodman joins the Psychology Department at Lindenwood University. From West Plains, Mo., Goodman specializes in behavioral neuroscience. “I am excited to join the close-knit community of Lindenwood. I love introducing students to the world of Psychology and all of its applications. Helping students make connections between psychological concepts and their daily lives and personal goals is one of the reasons I chose to become a professor. You do not have to be a psychology major (although I do recommend it) to appreciate and apply all that you learn in psych courses. I can’t wait to continue this work at Lindenwood and collaborate with students both in the classroom and research lab,” Goodman said. Goodman earned a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with emphasis in Psychology and Health Sciences from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and two degrees from University of Missouri – St. Louis, a master’s and PhD in Psychology, with emphasis in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Patrick S. Harty, PhD

Lindenwood welcomes home two-time alum Harty, as a faculty member in Exercise Science. From St. Louis, Harty specializes in body composition and sports nutrition. “As a Lindenwood alumnus, I greatly benefited from the dynamic, student-focused learning environment offered by the university. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to give back to the institution which fostered my initial academic interests while helping to train and mentor the next generation of exercise science professionals,” Harty said. Harty earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Lindenwood University, and a PhD from Texas Tech University.

Oren Omer Kabil, PhD

Kabil comes to Lindenwood University to join the Chemistry Department, specializing in biochemistry, protein biochemistry, mechanistic enzymology, and inborn errors of metabolism. From Rize, Turkey, Kabil brings extensive research experience to Lindenwood. “I spent most of my career doing research, and an integral part of this was teaching and training students, which I truly enjoyed. I knew the next phase of my career had to involve teaching and undergraduate research, and so it is with great excitement that I am joining the Lindenwood community to teach what I love: biochemistry,” Kabil said. Kabil holds a Master of Science from Old Dominion University and earned a PhD from University of Nebraska.

Naresh Kshetri, PhD

Kshetri joins the Mathematics, Computer Science, and IT Department at Lindenwood. Specializing in cybersecurity and block chain technology, Kshetri calls St. Louis, Mo. home. “Family and supportive environment as well as excellent student-faculty ratio attracted me to work at Lindenwood,” Kshetri said. Kshetri holds a Master of Science in Cybersecurity from Webster University and a PhD in Computer Science from University of Missouri Saint Louis.

Jaidelynn Rogers, PhD

Joining the College of Science, Technology, and Health, Rogers marks another Lindenwood alumni returning to the campus. Originally from Jerseyville, Ill., Rogers will be part of the Psychology Department and specializes in counseling psychology. “I am a Lindenwood alumni (Go Lions!) and always dreamed of returning to my Alma Mater to teach in the psychology department. I am incredibly excited to work alongside my talented and passionate coworkers, as well as to mentor students into the field! I became a professor because I love to teach and because I believe that students deserve accessible, applicable, intentional education. I will be teaching Abnormal Psychology, Personality Psychology, and Psychology of Women this year. My favorite course to teach is Psychotherapy,” Rogers said. Rogers earned a bachelor’s in psychology from Lindenwood, and both a Master of Arts and PhD in Counseling Psychology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Peter D. Smith, BA, MSN, RN

Smith joins Lindenwood University in the College of Science, Technology, and Health. A native of Godfrey, Ill., Smith specializes in nursing, health assessment, pharmacology, pathophysiology, and adult health. “I am as excited about education as I am about running marathons ... and I've completed 61! At Lindenwood University, the primary focus is the student and continuously adapting everything we do to ensure that they receive the dedicated education they so richly deserve. The passion for the students and their education is palpable on campus and is the main reason I chose Lindenwood University as my professional home. The subject I enjoy teaching the most is Underwater Basket Weaving. But since this is not part of the Lindenwood University curriculum (yet), my runner up courses include any nursing content that challenges students to engage the critical thoughts process to arrive at a solution that affects positive patient outcomes and promotes lifelong learning in the nurse,” Smith said. Smith holds a bachelor's degree from Maryville University, a BSN from Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College, a Master of Science in Nursing from Webster University, and is currently pursuing an EdD at Lindenwood.