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Lindenwood's Future: Premises and Guidelines

Revisions approved by the Lindenwood Board of Trustees on February 26, 2016.

At its annual working retreat in July of 2002, the Lindenwood Board of Trustees developed and adopted this list of basic ideas and tenets upon which we will chart and build the future of this grand old University. In the autumn of 2003, we solicited and received further input on these foundational principles from our administration and faculty, and the board, faculty, and staff review, evaluate, and revise them at least annually. These guidelines represent the resolve and character of Lindenwood's collective spirit, which started with Mary and George Sibley's commitment to holistic higher education in 1827.


  • Lindenwood will remain an independent, entrepreneurial , public-serving University.
  • We will maintain an innovative, merit-based , growth-oriented management system.
  • We will remain debt-free, financially strong, and fiscally responsible.
  • We will steadfastly ensure and provide for a balance between overhead and income.
  • We will continue to deliver affordable, high-quality programs and services.
  • We will enhance our partnerships and connectedness in the local and global communities.
  • Because we exist for the student, we will consciously avoid self-serving decisions.
  • We will take care to avoid conflicts of interest at all times.
  • We will continue to grow our adult and graduate programs as the size of our traditional undergraduate population stabilizes.
  • We will remain an opportunity-conscious University, embracing change, and even threats, as chances to improve and advance.
  • We will continue to be creative in our thinking while boldly approaching new initiatives that are consistent with our mission.
  • We will keep our management structure and function clear of administrative bureaucracy.
  • We will continue to link accountability with prerogative and privilege on our campuses.
  • We will continue to seek productive, innovative alliances with businesses, organizations, and other schools.
  • We will avoid the insidious trend toward homogenization in higher education - we will continue to contrast, rather than compare, ourselves with the mainstream.
  • We will continue to regularly and truthfully report the University's financial status to all in a clear, concise, and complete fashion.
  • We will ensure our independence by not depending upon support from federal or state monies.
  • We will make every effort to accommodate any qualified person who wishes to learn.
  • We will, on a regular basis, tell the Lindenwood story to our various constituencies through the use of a variety of communications vehicles (the Internet, University publications, media exposure, advertising, special events, etc.).
  • We will expand our sites and facilities in ways consistent with our mission and successful business philosophy.
  • We will continue to assist students financially, as needed.
  • We will increase our donor base.
  • Our general goal will be to develop market dominance in regional locations within a four- hour radius.
  • Our present and future leadership will remain committed to the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • The faculty, staff, and board members will be effective ambassadors for the University.
  • We will maintain compensation programs to attract, reward, and provide incentives for highly qualified teachers.
  • We will consider government grants only selectively and without compromising our basic principles, philosophy, and independence.
  • We will improve Lindenwood's name recognition around the state, region, and nation.
  • We will encourage and nurture a University community ethic of selfless commitment to Lindenwood's mission.

Teaching and Learning

  • We will remain committed to teaching, learning, and responsible pursuit of the truth.
  • We will continue to be values-based, student-oriented, and committed to diversity.
  • We will continue to emphasize mentorship, holistic education, and lifelong learning.
  • We will incorporate technology into our curriculum but will continue to emphasize face- to-face interaction between teacher and student as the principal means of delivering quality education.
  • We will continue to individualize the University experience for each of our students.
  • We will continue to keep our teachers and students free from the counterproductive characteristics of an academic tenure system; we will not reinstate a tenure system.
  • We will continue to support and encourage academic freedom but will reserve the right to assess an instructor's conduct against the policies of Lindenwood University.
  • We will continue to use our whole curriculum and avoid overspecialization.
  • We will continue to promote academic strength and student achievements.
  • We will continue to teach about the benefits of the United States' free economy and competition-based system.
  • As a public-serving University, we will fully support the students, curriculum, and facilities at our satellite campuses.

Campus Culture

  • We will continue to educate the whole person - academically, socially, spiritually, and physically.
  • We will retain the ideal of an alcohol-free, drug-free campus with single-sex housing (except for married students), and a system of strict enforcement of these policies.
  • We will continue to engender, nurture, and promote both leadership and the work ethic through a student worker program and an emphasis on community service and volunteerism.
  • We will continue to provide education that meets real needs, has lasting value, respects history and honor, inspires responsibility, impacts the future, improves the quality of life, and strives for success through excellence.
  • We will continue to change lives and make a difference.
  • We will honor and implement our traditional values as we strive to help shape the future.
  • We will retain and teach the basic Judeo-Christian values upon which the University was founded.
  • We will be diligent in maintaining a level of approximately 15% international student component in our resident student body.
  • We will use and promote our cultural facilities.

Board of Trustees

  • We will maintain a Board of Trustees comprised of individuals who, without exception, care deeply about Lindenwood, personally make gifts to the University, actively procure outside support for the school, and actively promote it to the community.
  • The Lindenwood Board of Trustees will continue to assume stewardship of the University's mission, outstanding educational programs, healthy fiscal condition, and highly effective system of management.
  • The board will do what is best for Lindenwood in the long run and avoid taking the path that is easiest, most convenient, or most popular in the short term.
  • The board will continue to require all members of the Board of Trustees to actively and regularly participate in board meetings, functions, and responsibilities.
  • The Board of Trustees will become more involved with recruitment of students, especially through the Board of Trustees Scholarship Program.
  • The members of our Board of Trustees must represent total integrity in the community.


  • We will actively and continually nourish the University's relationship with alumni and take care to communicate how highly they are valued.
  • We will encourage our alumni to be lifelong supporters of Lindenwood through the donation of their time and talent, financial support, and recruiting efforts.
  • We will emphasize opportunities for planned giving.

Faculty and Staff

  • We will continue to seek and support teachers who are dedicated to the University and her students -and avoid those who are more loyal to their disciplines than to their vocation.
  • We will continue to draw upon all the talents of our faculty and staff, including their creative, entrepreneurial abilities, not just those traditionally associated with their job titles.
  • We will continue a recruiting system in which the whole University is involved in the admissions functions.
  • We will strive to maintain a high percentage of faculty members with terminal degrees.
  • We will continue to employ faculty members whose primary focus is on teaching and mentoring students.
  • Members of the faculty and staff will maintain total integrity on the job as well as in the community.
  • Faculty and staff decisions and actions will consistently place the student's developmental interests first.
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