Dierbergs and Lindenwood Partner to Give Back to Students

Dierbergs and Lindenwood Partner to Give Back to Students

Dierbergs and Lindenwood Partner to Give Back to Students

Dierbergs and Lindenwood University have established a longstanding partnership that offers two distinct scholarship opportunities for Lindenwood students, along with the GOLD program tuition discount initiative that is designed to support current Dierbergs employees who wish to pursue higher education.

Dierbergs, a longstanding grocery provider in the greater St. Louis area, was established in the 1850s. "Now more than 4,000 Associates share in Dierbergs' history and uphold its reputation built on hard work, personal service and a commitment to meeting the growing needs of our area through community service."

In honor of Dierbergs' commitment to service, the company partnered with Lindenwood University to provide educational opportunities for students and associates. Among those opportunities offered is the Dierbergs Leadership Scholarship. Specifically designed for Dierbergs employees enrolled at Lindenwood, applications are accepted annually, and the recipient is chosen based on their demonstrated leadership skills at work and their commitment to personal growth as a leader during their time at Lindenwood.

The Dierbergs IMPACT Scholarship is also offered. Established in 2022, this scholarship is an annual opportunity for Lindenwood students.

"As we evaluated our initiatives, we aimed to enhance our partnership with Lindenwood and uphold our commitment to supporting the local student community," Dierbergs Director of Talent Management and Lindenwood Alumna Erica Campbell said.

"In recent years, our focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion has deepened, prompting us to integrate these values into our support for the diverse population at Lindenwood. Thus, the Annual Dierbergs IMPACT Scholarship was created."

Today, the scholarship assists five students annually with tuition expenses. It includes renewal criteria to help foster a connection between recipients and the Dierbergs team, while also providing insight into potential career paths within the company.

"It’s been a pleasure working with the Lindenwood team to implement the Dierbergs IMPACT Scholarship," Dierbergs Sr. Talent Manager Heather Siegler said. "They have been extremely helpful, and you can see that they truly care about the success of their students. I look forward to our continued partnership and engaging with our scholarship recipients."

Dierbergs is preparing for its inaugural Shadow Day for recipients entering their junior year. The day will feature various activities and engagement with the Dierbergs brand. Additionally, as recipients approach their senior year, they will have the chance to participate in a Retail Management Internship.

Dierbergs is in the initial stages of this program and eagerly anticipates its growth in the coming years. In a true reflection of the origins of Dierbergs, this partnership continues to meet the needs of others. Together, Dierbergs and Lindenwood University are impacting the community and prioritizing the success of current and future students.