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Working with the Lindenwood Brand

Working with the Lindenwood Brand

A Guide to Consistent Communications, Graphics, and Style. We follow our brand personality in both language and design. The design and aesthetic of our branding materials mirrors the truths about Lindenwood University as a whole — combining the old with the new and invoking professionalism and authenticity.

Creative Services

Creative services ensures all of our work meets our rigorous creative standards to showcase the best of what Lindenwood has to offer. 

Templates are available for a variety of creative projects.  

If you need a creative piece produced by the team, you may submit a request via our project request form. If this is a first time project request, you must fill out a project brief and submit it with the project request form. Please note that the ability for the creative services team to execute on projects is limited and submission of a request is not a guarantee that the project will be completed. Allow at least two weeks of lead time for design before a project needs to be completed, and an additional three weeks for printing if necessary.  

Important Documents and Resources

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