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Lindenwood University Digest

Lindenwood University Digest

The Lindenwood University Digest is a newsletter that is distributed weekly to all employees.

This newsletter contains important announcements and events, pertinent for faculty and staff. New hires are automatically added to distribution within the first few weeks of their employment.

What to Submit

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions should be relevant to Lindenwood employees. The Digest is not distributed to students; therefore, student announcements and stories are not accepted.
  • Your submission must be sent through the Project Request Form in its entirety by 5 p.m. on Monday in order to be included.
  • Emailed submissions will not be accepted.
  • All submissions must include a title.
  • Marketing and Communications reserves the right to exclude any submission that does not meet submission guidelines or repurpose the submission for other communications efforts such as website stories or social media posts.
  • Reruns will not be permitted due to errors made in submissions on the submitter's behalf. 

Approved submissions to the Digest include: 

  • Employee Announcements & Reminders (e.g., holiday closing schedule, open enrollment)
  • Resources, Trainings and Workshops (e.g., upcoming Canvas training)
  • Q2 Updates
  • Upcoming Events (e.g., Town Hall meetings, Homecoming)
  • Volunteer Opportunities (e.g., LindenGiving, United Way)
  • Hours of Operation/Closures (e.g., LARC hours)
  • Acknowledgements such as employee awards, or conference keynotes (e.g., Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award)

Submissions that will not be published in the Digest include:

  • External student awards, publications or conference presentations
  • Announcements pertaining to students only
  • Event flyers or text-based images
  • Employee research, manuscripts, or books accepted for publication
  • Employee media appearances (e.g., radio or television appearances)
  • Excused absences 
  • External fundraisers

How to Submit

  • Requests for the Digest must be submitted using the Project Request Form by 5 p.m. Monday to be included that week.
  • Requests submitted must be complete and include all information necessary.Marketing and Communications will not draft Digest submissions based on incomplete submissions or text-based images/flyers. 
  • If you wish to include a photo, it must be a .png or .jpg file and must be smaller than 600KB. Text-based images or flyers will not be included due to the readability of the sized down image and accessibility standards.
  • If you wish to include a hyperlink, it must be specified in the hyperlinks box of the submission form.

When to Submit

  • Digest submissions will run once. Exceptions for additional run will be made for hours of operation or important university announcements at the discretion of Marketing and Communications.
  • Submissions must be received by 5 p.m. Monday in order to be included. The Digest runs on Wednesdays.
  • Submissions for the same announcement can be made every four weeks.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact
Submissions will not be accepted via email.

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