COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

Lindenwood continues to monitor the COVID-19 campus and make decisions in the best interest of the community. Students and employees demonstrating symptoms should complete the Initial Assessment Survey. COVID-19 Response and Resources.

Advancement and Communications

Website Content

Website Content

Website content review meetings are scheduled with each school and major office with a presence on once every six months* to determine and improve upon current state of their content. These meetings includes the following:

  • Analytics Reports
    • Production of various reports, including year over year, to gain insight into how users are interacting with the current content provided.
  • Analytics Review/Insights - Provide Content Recommendations
    • Review and offer insights into areas for growth and potential removals.
    • Opportunities to incorporate more photography, video, and social media content.
  • Discuss Current Efforts
    • Advancement and Communications efforts (completed/in progress) that could benefit/impact their web content. For example - Faculty Bio Process, Email Signatures, etc.
  • Discuss Future Efforts / Developments
    • Advancement and Communications efforts (on the horizon) that could benefit/impact their web content. For example – Brand Related Changes, Siteimprove Academy, etc.
  • Brand Ambassador Component and Advancement and Communications Resources
    • Provide information regarding location or UR Resources such as brand guidelines, logos, project request forms, and how internal processes are changing.
  • Questions / Concerns
    • Open to any questions or concerns not covered up to this point.
  • Define Next Steps / Meeting Summary
    • Produce and provide summary of actions to be taken by their office and ours to meet goals and expectations leading up to our next web content review meeting.
    • Reports and Meeting Summaries will be consolidated/archived in Canvas. A “class” exists where all CMS users are invited to join and collaborate upon the successful completion of their CMS training session.

*Schools and offices are not limited to only these meetings. Additional updates and meeting requests will be handled as they are received by

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