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Apr 1

Special Notice Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Information

For updates on Lindenwood University’s pandemic safety precautions and vaccination information, please visit the Lindenwood COVID-19 page. More information is available on the CDC’s COVID-19 site. Complete the Initial Assessment Survey to report symptoms, exposure, or positive test results for COVID-19.

Adjunct Invited to Help PhD Students with Dissertations in U.K., Will Also Speak in D.C.

Adjunct Invited to Help PhD Students with Dissertations in U.K., Will Also Speak in D.C.

Richard Anderson, a Lindenwood University adjunct instructor and senior research fellow for the John W. Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise, will visit Birmingham, England, the week of April 18 to help PhD students with their dissertations.

Anderson was invited to join a workshop organized by the Money Macro and Finance Research Group, one of the oldest and most prominent academic associations in Europe. The workshop will bring together a set of global educators to work with a select group of U.K. PhD students at the dissertation stage. Anderson will help students dissect their dissertations, improve their research methods, and train them in scientific research techniques.

“Dissertations tend to be deadly dull,” Anderson said. “We want to make it more like literary writing so it can be published as a sharp article.”

The Money Macro and Finance Research Group is hosting the workshop with the Bank of England and the University of Birmingham, where the dissertation workshop will be held. As an American invited to England, Anderson said he considered it a prestigious honor. He will participate in the workshop April 18 and 19, then stay the rest of the week in his visit to the university.

“I think this is a wonderful initiative,” Anderson said. “I was happy to be invited.”

This will be the Money Macro and Finance Research Group’s third annual PhD dissertation workshop in the U.K.

Anderson will also be speaking as part of a panel on ethics and the ethical behavior of financial institutions and financial markets for the Association for Integrity and Responsible Leadership in Economics. The association, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2016, will meet in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 25.

“Economics, unlike almost every other professional field, has no widely accepted code of ethics – yet, the research and policy decisions made by economists affect almost every American’s life every day,” Anderson said. “Many institutions, including the Hammond Institute at Lindenwood, stress the importance of free enterprise and free markets. Unethical behavior, including providing false information to customers and criminal activity, undermines the free enterprise system.”

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