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Senior Malachi Cecil is a shining example of the bright young students on Lindenwood’s campus. This May, he will graduate with a triple-major in International Relations, Political Science, and Spanish with minors in French and Chinese Studies. During his time at Lindenwood, Cecil has explored his interests in languages, cultures, and international affairs in his ambitious interdisciplinary curriculum, and he will leave Lindenwood with the multicultural know-how and global awareness so vital in our modern world.

Dr. Julie Turner Wins Women’s Leadership Award
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Dr. Julie Turner, a Professor and Department Chair in the Non-profit Administration program, recently received the Women’s Leadership Award from the Athena Leadership Foundation. This Saint Charles-based foundation was founded in 1987 and “exists to support the development of women in leadership roles.”

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It is no secret that the PRIDE fund (President’s Research, Innovation, and Development towards Excellence fund), given out by president Porter, is a very esteemed award given to projects that aim to create pathways to innovation, develop new partnerships and experiences, and to help develop community partnerships for regional issues. One of the most recent projects funded by the PRIDE grant is called the DIY Family Planner Android & iPhone App Research Project.

Lindenwood Graduate Has His Documentary on The Hill Neighborhood Featured on PBS
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Joseph Puleo, Lindenwood graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Cinema, recently had his first feature-length documentary featured on PBS, a public broadcasting and television program distributor. The film was co-produced with another Lindenwood graduate, Steve Cakouros. America’s Last Little Italy: The Hill describes the iconic St. Louis neighborhood, The Hill, in an entertaining way. With footage of several families of Italian immigrants talking about their past and how they made it to America, viewers can develop a connection to the neighborhood and immerse themselves in the Italian culture of St. Louis.

Arthurian Legend Opens Doors For Creativity In The Classroom
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Lindenwood University has always encouraged students to think outside the box when it comes to schoolwork and other academic projects. While taking an Arthurian Legends class, Lauren Paulin was given the choice of a creative project and ran with it. For her project, she created a doll of Bertilak, the Green Knight from the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

ITEN Releasing 2020 Impact Report Thursday
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ITEN, a division of Lindenwood University, and Cara Stone, LLP announce the continuation of their collaboration aimed at enhancing and broadening services for tech startups in the St. Louis region. 

Lindenwood University Recognized As One Of 50 Best Small Business Management Degree Programs
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After assessing 210 universities and colleges and comparing over 329 education programs, Intelligent.com announced 50 Best Small Business Management Degree Programs for 2021. Lindenwood University was featured for the second time on the ranking as best for Fashion Business: Master of Science in Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship.

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After transferring to Lindenwood in January 2020, Abner Romero, a junior Physical Education major, was quickly met with success as a wrestler at the university, becoming a National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II National Champion in his first year here.

Lindenwood Develops Innovative Immersive Arts and Cultures Hub
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Imagine a space where students, faculty, and community members can gather to explore and discover, a place full of cutting-edge interactive technology that will alter and enhance the way we teach and learn. This is Lindenwood’s vision for the new Immersive Arts and Cultures Hub, a groundbreaking project first dreamed up by the School of Humanities in 2019.

Anthology of Love: Leah Fry’s Humbling Homage
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Behind every riveting dance performance done by the dance students of Lindenwood is an equally as riveting choreographer—and during the Fall and Winter dance concerts, the best pull out all the stops to convey thematic passion through movement and body language. Watching it is an experience—whether you find yourself “getting it” or not—because there’s no denying that it feels like something special when three girls, separated by six feet, masks, and flittering colored lights in the dark dance upon the stage and tell a story they’ve also added to by putting their own “movement and truth in the dance."