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Graduate Student Completes Study in EPNL
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Lindenwood University Graduate student Kayla Ratliff recently conducted and finished her first study in the EPNL at Lindenwood University. Her study was titled, “Metabolic Impact of Protein Feeding Prior to Long-duration Moderate-intensity Treadmill Exercise on Females in a Fasted State”. Ratliff wanted to create a study that was focused on women seeing as how most studies in the field are male-dominated.

Senior Christine Bryant Gets Hired at Her Dream Job in Arizona
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Christine Bryant, a senior at Lindenwood with majors in History and Religion and minors in Anthropology and Public History, accepted a job opportunity this week as a curator for the Cocopah Indian Reservation Museum in southern Arizona. This amazing opportunity was given to Bryant after a long and strenuous job search that she began in December of 2020.

Lindenwood University Alum Mike Elam Nominated as Chairman of the Council for St. Charles County
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Lindenwood University prides itself on the motto of Real Experience, Real Success. Not only is this Lindenwood’s motto, but it is also a great description for Mike Elam, a Lindenwood University Alum who has just recently been nominated as the Chairman for the Council of St. Charles County. Through his hard work and dedication, this alum is making real change happen.

Recent Lindenwood Graduate is Accepted into Top Public Health School In UK
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Recent Lindenwood graduate Kathleen Varvera has been accepted into the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where she will be pursuing a Masters of Science in the Control of Infectious Diseases this fall. Varvera graduated from Lindenwood in December 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in both Public Health and Biological Sciences. LSHTM is ranked 3rd in the world for public health and 1st in the UK. It is also the UK’s top university for the proportion of academic research with women listed as authors, and 4th in the world for infectious diseases and is Varvera’s dream school.

 Lindenwood Students Get Real Experience Interning at Saint Louis Zoo
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The Saint Louis Zoo is nationally recognized for their success as one of the only free, accredited zoos in the United States and their persistent commitment to wildlife conservation and education. So, it was no surprise when they announced their plans to expand in 2018. This expansion kicked off after the purchase of 425 acres of land in North St. Louis County. For Missouri residents, the biggest questions were how the zoo planned to develop their new land and what influenced their choice of location.

The use of virtual reality and augmented reality in the Lindenwood classroom
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Although it may sound far-fetched to some, the usage of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in the classroom can “transform the classroom experience for students,” according to Walden University's researchers. Even though it may sound like an unlikely practice, the concept of utilizing the world’s newest technology in an educational setting isn’t anything new at all.

Full Color Production of Life and Adventure in The World of Business
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Students have several teachers and professors throughout middle school, high school, and college, yet only a few are remembered for their unique teaching style and ability to make the material in class interesting and dynamic. Lindenwood University has established an exceptional team of educators with outstanding teaching skills, and Stephen McCane is one that must be highlighted by his incredible success in teaching Business courses.

Fall 2021 Plans Announced
Academics, Student Life, General

Lindenwood University is planning for the Fall 2021 semester. As cases on campus and in the St. Charles community continue to decline and while vaccine rollout continues, the University is planning for the following.

Romero wins NCAA Wrestling National Title
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Lindenwood University junior Abner Romero won the 2021 NCAA Division II National Championship title for wrestling at 174 pounds. In addition, Romero along with five teammates achieved All-American status as the team finished third.

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Lindenwood University announces the educational investment costs for the 2021-22 academic year, for tuition and housing. Lindenwood is committed to ensuring all students receive a high-quality education that reflects the investment in their future. The comprehensive list of Lindenwood’s 2021-22 cost structure is available online.