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Lindenwood Displays Excellence through Military Support
Academics, General

Lindenwood University is dedicated to actively supporting ROTC cadets and veterans throughout their college journeys; the school offers important resources like generous scholarships, access to the Student Veteran Organization, and the first-class Veterans’ Affairs Center located in the Library and Academic Resources Center. As a direct result of these support efforts, the university was named a 2021-2022 Military Friendly School.

Dr. Agata Freedle Receives PRIDE Grant from Lindenwood University
College of Education and Human Services, General

One of the key elements to ensuring Academic Success is by being a life-long learner. Dr. Agata Freedle is one of the best examples of what it looks like to be a lifelong learner. Dr. Freedle is currently an Assistant Professor in the school of Education’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program here at Lindenwood.

College of Arts and Humanities, General

Gillian Parrish, an Assistant Professor of Writing at Lindenwood, recently published her article “Boosting Student Motivation Through Connected Reflection” in an online publication called Faculty Focus. This publication publishes work from professors and educators all over the U.S., and this is Professor Parrish’s fourth time being published on their website.

Lindenwood Ranks Top 5 for Best Degree Programs in U.S.
Plaster College of Business and Entrepreneurship, Academics, General

For those who desire to pursue a college degree, choosing a university can be both an exciting and intimidating step. It’s important for students to know that they have made the best choice possible in choosing a university that will give them a quality education and prepare them for their future. Recently, Lindenwood University was recognized for their exceptional degree programs.

Collegiate Support for the Anxious Mind: Approaching Emotional Health Through Advertising
General, College of Arts and Humanities

Inspired by wanting to better understand her oldest son, Michael, and his concentration “issue” that causes him anxiety, Dr. Krista Tucciarone, or Dr. “Tucc,” personally reached out to her own students at Lindenwood University about their own “issues" and how these issues might be causing them anxiety, too. After an “overwhelming number” of students relaying that they experienced plights similar to Michael, Dr. Tucc knew she had to delve deeper into the problem to “determine the degree anxiety affects college students.”

Kana Hashizume's Drastic Improvement in English Communication Through ISF
Student Life, General

People often ask me what the best part about being an international student is, and I never have one specific answer: the freedom and independence to live by myself, being immersed in a culture other than my own, and living the dream of studying abroad all make my experience as an international student so unique. But perhaps the part I love the most is meeting people from all over the world.

Transfer Partnership Signed with Mineral Area College
Academics, General

Lindenwood University has signed a new transfer agreement with Mineral Area College (MAC), welcoming students who complete their studies at MAC to matriculate into Lindenwood University for pursuit of their bachelor’s degree.

2021 Social Innovation Challenge Announced
Academics, General

How might Lindenwood University position itself as a community leader for diversity, equity, and inclusion? That question, announced Friday by Dr. John Porter, will be the task-at-hand for the 2021 Social Innovation Challenge teams.

From Small Town to Budding Business: Sydney Hembrough’s Road to Success
Academics, General, College of Arts and Humanities

Sydney Hembrough uses her Lindenwood classroom experience to help make a name for herself in the world of social media and content creation. Hembrough is an online student studying digital marketing with an emphasis in social media and digital content strategy, and she works on the web team for the Linden Gold.

Student Research Conference Offers Students Opportunities for Real Experience
Academics, General

Every April, Lindenwood offers students the opportunity to present academic projects at the Student Research Conference. This week I joined a committee meeting consisting of faculty from colleges across Lindenwood University to discuss how the opportunity to participate in the conference prepares LU students for success after graduation.