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Aug 1

Special Notice Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic

Roaring Return

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Belleville’s Prunty, Students Selected for 2019 Instructional Resource Award Grant

Lindenwood University Belleville Professor of Psychology Dr. Trisha Prunty and four of her students – Katie Landsbaum, Bessie Flores, Nikki Thomas, and Katie DeLuka – were selected as the recipients of the 2019 Instructional Recourse Award Grant by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology. The funding will be used to support a project entitled, “Using Guided Outlines for Principles of Psychology,” in which the four students will create guided notes as supplement for students in the university’s Principles of Psychology courses.

“I think what most excites me about this award is that four students helped write the grant, so they received first-hand experience in grant writing, not to mention that our grant was funded,” said Prunty. “This is a wholly student-centered project, which is a win-win for the university and students.”

The Society for the Teaching of Psychology awards small grants for research or other development that leads to an instructor resource for other professors of psychology. Prunty said she developed the idea to teach two Principles of Psychology classes and provide students with guided notes developed by the four student-researchers. From that, students in the Principles of Psychology courses will have additional resources to support them in their studies.

“The students and I workshopped, and they learned how to properly present a grant argument,” explained Prunty. “Toward the submission deadline, I polished up the proposal with them. It is as much their project as mine.”

According to Prunty, the grant writing project was actually a warm-up writing project, as these four student researchers are also in the process of writing manuscripts for original student research surrounding the topics of gender and authority and cat-calling behavior.

“I love research, and to have this opportunity to help write these manuscripts as an undergraduate student is amazing,” said Thomas.

According to Flores, who double majors in creative writing and psychology, having the opportunity to develop various types of writing as an undergraduate has given her the skillset to master both formulaic and creative writing, something she attributes to the personal learning environment fostered at Lindenwood Bellville. 

“I feel fortunate to be able to get hands-on experience in both of my chosen fields of study,” said Flores. “These experiences have prepared me to further my education and earn a master’s degree.”

According to Landsbaum, who is the sole junior on a team of senior writers, working in a collaborative, group environment has positioned her to enhance her writing and appreciate the group work dynamic.

“I was selected to be part of this extraordinary group of writers and researchers, and to be honest, at first, I felt a little out of my league,” said Landsbaum. “But working closely on these projects, I think my skill set has been elevated, which has increased my confidence as a writer and researcher.”

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