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Dance Performance November 9-12

Lindenwood University's dance program will hold a concert at 8 p.m. November 9-11 and at 2 p.m. on November 12 at Jelkyl Theatre in Roemer Hall.

Seventy-five students will be performing dances in styles ranging from modern to tap to ballet and jazz.

Choreography includes Mandi Pruett's "Fusion," a modern ballet work to music by the Sunshine Underground. Jill Perry will demonstrate her change from gymnast to dancer in a modern jazz work to music by Lorna Vailings. Sign language has inspired Sylvia Barbagello and Angela Giancola's jazz dance to a Janet Jackson mix, and Cleven Ficklen has created an a capella tap number. Christina McArthur uses poetry in a contemporary ballet in honor of sisters. Lesile Pearce's modern dance to music by Moby features complicated and exciting lifts.

LU's International students are featured in Ylica Arosmena's Latin Dance, and Jou Hsun Tseng of Taiwan contributes a modern piece inspired by Chinese classical dance. Pure classical ballet is represented by Janet Strzelec's staging of excerpts from Petipa's "Sleeping Beauty."

The University's Lion Line and Lion Cubs will also perform their signature dances.

"This show is a milestone for the Lindenwood program," according to program director Rob Scoggins. "The students have shown phenomenal growth in composition and technique in the four short years we have had a dance major. It is time for them to show off their accomplishments."

Lindenwood students in the concert include: Sara Ahern, Yilca Arosmena, Steve Alejandro, Amy Ball, Sylvia Barbagello, Emily Bartlett, Kathy Bathon, April Baudendistel, Laura Begley, Desireee Balnc, Gina Bendick, Scott Bradley, Michelle Brown, Amanda Cardez, Colleen Carriker, Louis Carreno, Christy Cook, Heather Cooley, Tonya Darabesek, Ryan Deming, Jennifer Derryberry, Debra DiSimone, Michelle Dowday, Cleven Ficklen, Laura Fisher, Nadia Fleming, Isaac Garcia, Angela Giancola, Becky Greifzu, Monica Guzman, Dana Heberlie, Chiyo Hoekstra, Michelle Hoffmann, Phillip, Hughen, Angela Kammermeyer, Monique Kirksey, Josie Knapp, Jessica Kruel, Dawn Kumbera, Elena Lambert, Amy LaRue, Lisa Lavelle, Cassidy Little, Shannon Lueders, Christina McArthur, Jennifer Meilink, Corey Meyer, Crystal Morgan, Lynea Nessing, Carrie Nestor, Chantay, Patterson, Kristen Patterson, Jill Perry, Leslie Pearce, Laura Pierce, Abby Powers, Mandi Pruett, Essence Randolph, Daryl Rhodeman, Stefany Richmond, Anne Roby, Laura Roeger, Meg Sandau, Barbi Sansouci, Carrie Sickmann, Michelle Stephens, Jonathan Tantype, Teresa Triplett, Emily Turay, Katie Van Dillen, Robert Walker, Mathew Walburn, Jennifer Wells, Janie Wiliker, Alison Zagari, Kelly Zimmerman and Kelly Zykan.

For more information, please call Dr. Alice Bloch at (636) 816-8250.

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