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EPNL Research Team Publishes Nutrition Review

Researchers in the Exercise and Performance Nutrition Laboratory at Lindenwood University, led by Richie Stecker and international colleagues, recently published a review on the impact of when certain nutrients are ingested and how they may impact health and performance. This peer-reviewed article was recently published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and has already received worldwide attention. Creative content creator Adam Virgile selected and has launched an infographic summarizing the findings. This published work is the first published paper by Stecker, current laboratory coordinator for the Exercise and Performance Nutrition Laboratory. Other authors were Patrick Harty, former Lindenwood graduate student; Dr. Andrew Jagim, current Sports Medicine Research Director for a Mayo Clinic affiliate; and Dr. Darren Candow, an internationally recognized sport nutrition researcher based in Canada.

Supporting document 1
Supporting document 2

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