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Graduates’ writing skills now guaranteed

Lindenwood University is placing a unique guarantee on its graduates’ writing skills.


Called the “Proficient Graduates Guarantee,” the pledge ensures that any student who graduates from Lindenwood University is proficient in writing skills necessary for success in the professional world and everyday life.

“The American Association of Colleges has stated a bachelor’s degree should mean that its holder can read, write and speak at levels of distinction and have been given many opportunities to learn how,” said Lindenwood President Dennis Spellmann. “We are following through on that.”

Spellmann said the guarantee will enhance Lindenwood’s already-high placement rate for graduates.

“We want businesses to be even more confident when they see Lindenwood on a resume,” said Spellmann.

Lindenwood evaluates each student’s proficiency in written communication not only in freshman composition courses but also just before the start of the junior year of study, when a special junior-level assessment is given. Spellmann said a student who needs to sharpen competencies in grammar, punctuation or syntax will take an additional writing course, Professional Written Communication, prior to graduation.

“A degree from Lindenwood means that the holder is adept at reading, writing, speaking and problem-solving—all the traits by which society judges one’s education level and general competence,” said Spellmann. ““We measure our success by the success of our graduates. This guarantee is a win-win situation for everyone.”

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