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KCLC Dials Up to 50,000 Watts

Lindenwood University’s radio station, KCLC 89.1 FM, entered a new era on Sept. 14 when it began using a new high-powered antenna. The station now has an expanded broadcast reach and will be able to begin broadcasting digitally in the future.

“We’ve been working on this project for months, and it’s great to be able to boost the power from about 35,000 watts to 50,000 watts,” said Associate Professor of Communications and KCLC Operations Director Rich Reighard. “We are the oldest carrier current station west of the Mississippi and it’s a proud feeling to know how far we’ve come and to look forward to even more possibilities in the years ahead.”

Reighard was one of several school administrators on hand in August who supervised the transport of the KCLC’s transmitter across campus to its location near the new antenna. Now that the transmitter and antenna are connected, the station itself will be outfitted with new equipment needed to operate the advanced broadcasting system.

“We have worked hard over the years to keep the station current, and it’s exciting to be installing new automation systems and control boards that are on par with what’s being used in the industry today,” Reighard said. “This is another part of our commitment to offering students a contemporary setting in which they can learn the skills necessary for their professional success once they leave here.”

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