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Lindenwood Admissions Process Now Test-Optional

Lindenwood University in St. Charles is now a test-optional institution, which means prospective undergraduate students may choose whether to have their ACT and SAT scores considered in the admissions process to the university.

“Admission to Lindenwood University is based on a holistic review of a student’s entire academic record,” said Terry Whittum, vice president for enrollment management. “Test-optional encourages students for whom a test score may not accurately reflect their academic potential to apply knowing that their performance in high school, not necessarily a test one Saturday morning, is what matters most to our admission committee.”

Whittum stressed that prospective students should still take the SAT or ACT, as test scores will still be required for placement, advising, and reporting purposes. Students who feel their test scores are indicative of their overall academic performance are encouraged to use them in the admissions process. However, students who do not feel their scores reflect their academic skillset or their ability to be successful at Lindenwood may elect to exclude them from their application process.

The policy is in force for applications for Lindenwood’s fall 2019 class. Prospective students may indicate on their applications to Lindenwood whether they want to have their test scores considered. Once a student has submitted an application, students may not change their decisions on the test-optional question, so they are strongly encouraged to carefully consider their options before applying. Home-schooled students and international students are still required to submit their test scores for admission.

For more information or to start an application, please contact the Lindenwood University Admissions Office at 636-949-4949 or

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