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St. Charles Campus Will Transition to Tobacco-Free Status

Lindenwood University’s St. Charles campus is beginning a transition to tobacco-free status that will culminate on July 1, 2017.

A task force, led by Dr. Ryan Guffey, vice president for student development, is being assembled to determine the specifics of the transition. Current discussion includes designating smoking areas on campus during the transition, enhancing cleaning services to remove cigarette butts and other debris, and consulting with other tobacco-free campuses in the St. Louis area on their experiences during and after their transitions.

Smoking cessation programs will also be made available to students, faculty, and staff who are interested.

Smoking is currently prohibited inside any building on campus. The new policy is the result of a bill submitted by the Lindenwood Student Government Association and an earlier proposal submitted by the faculty and staff councils, both of which endorsed the student bill, along with the administration.

“Our board chairman, Jim Shoemake, and I feel this is the right move for our campus community,” said Dr. Michael D. Shonrock, president of the Lindenwood University System. “We’re listening to our students and agree this is an important step for the health of our students, faculty, and staff.”

Nick Stone, the Lindenwood student senator who sponsored the bill, said he is pleased about its adoption and looks forward to its culmination in a tobacco-free campus.

“By going tobacco free the Lindenwood Student Government Association hopes to provide a clean and healthy learning and residential environment for not only current students but for the future students as well,” said Stone.

Candace Terry, benefits manager in the Human Resources Department, said the smoking ban is in keeping with the university’s efforts in the areas of health and wellness.

“This decision will take us one step closer to the overall wellness of our students, employees, and community,” said Terry.

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