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Board of Directors Holds Line on Tuition

When more than 2,000 proud Lindenwood University students graduate next spring, many of them will never have seen a tuition increase.

Lindenwood University's Board of Directors on Friday approved a measure that freezes the university's full-time undergraduate tuition for the third consecutive year. Tuition at Lindenwood stands at $11,200 per year.

Lindenwood's board of directors also kept the tuition freeze intact for full-time graduate students studying in the traditional semester program. Part-time graduate tuition increases 3.3 percent, while students studying in LCIE, Lindenwood's adult accelerated program, will see a 4.2 percent tuition increase.

"Our whole approach at Lindenwood is to keep this university affordable and accessible," said President Dennis Spellmann. "We remain one of the best values in higher education in the nation."

Lindenwood made national headlines three years ago with a tuition freeze while other universities increased their prices by double-digit percentages. Spellmann said reliance on tax subsidies and government funding has caught up to many colleges.

"Lindenwood doesn't depend on state money or federal money to pay the bills," he said. "We are tuition-driven and market-driven. We raise more money by raising more students. When the state and federal governments experience revenue problems, it hurts the public institutions because they are subsidized by taxpayers."

Spellmann proposed the tuition freeze to the board of directors Friday after seeing that the university's student retention at the beginning of the spring semester was its highest in years.

"We are doing well, so we need to pass that along to the students," he said. "We hope this helps families plan their finances a little better."

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