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Business Office Offers New Refund Options

Lindenwood University has partnered with Sallie Mae to offer students additional refund check disbursement options. Students can now sign up for a Sallie Mae Debit MasterCard ® or choose to have funds deposited directly into their bank accounts.

“The arrangement is all about convenience,” said Chief Business Officer Terry Kapeller. “Lindenwood students who are expecting a refund don’t have to pick up a check at the school or receive one in the mail and then take it to the bank and have to wait for it to clear.”

To sign up for a Sallie Mae Debit MasterCard ®or select the direct deposit payment method, students must access their student portal through the Lindenwood website or visit After following the activation prompts, users can view the status of their refund through Sallie Mae’s online payment platform or manage their debit card balance if they have selected that option.

“The debit card really provides the greatest flexibility,” Kapeller said. “Students can use the Sallie Mae application to transfer their refunds into their bank accounts and then have the freedom to make purchases or withdraw funds like with any other debit card.”

For more information about the new student refund disbursement options, contact Jessica Menkhausen at 636-949-4496.

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