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Lindenwood University Professor to Unveil County Employment Research

Evelyn Hendrix, PsyD, S.P.H.R., of the Lindenwood University School of Business and Entrepreneurship, will disclose this week the results of an extensive recent study on the employment climate of St. Charles County. She will deliver a public presentation at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 8, in the Spellmann Center on the main Lindenwood campus in St. Charles, Mo., following an initial unveiling of her findings to the First Capitol Lions Club on Thursday, Dec. 2.


“I started this project because I developed a curiosity about what jobs were actually difficult to find,” said Hendrix. “I was hearing from local HR managers that they were having a difficult time finding qualified applicants to fill their open positions, while public perception seemed to be that qualified people have a difficult time finding jobs.”

With the help of the Lewis and Clark chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management and students in Lindenwood’s Human Resources Club, Hendrix distributed surveys to 264 local employers of varying sizes in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Employers rated the level of difficulty they experienced in attempting to fill open positions and also identified the types of jobs available.

“It is quite interesting to see what percentage of employers is hiring and how many of them say it is still difficult to fill jobs,” said Hendrix. “It’s also interesting to learn what types of jobs are most in demand.”

Although individual corporate survey participants remain confidential, Hendrix has identified the proportion of hiring organizations as well as the top 15 categories showing employment opportunity growth in St. Charles County. She believes the information will be of great benefit to job-seekers because it will allow them to better prepare themselves as applicants.

“It’s exciting because it’s a keen view to the jobs that are most in demand in our own community,” Hendrix said. “Knowing where and in what industries the most opportunities can be found allows individuals to fine-tune their resumes, examine their approaches, and make sure they are presenting their skills in a way that’s transferrable to the qualifications being sought by those types of employers.”

She also noted that the research will help university leaders better prepare students to enter the workplace.

“We can use this information to adjust our curriculum and tailor our courses to more effectively teach our students how to gain employment in the industries the data shows they are most likely to end up working in.”

To learn more about her findings, please contact Hendrix at (636) 949-4668 or


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