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New Meal Plans Coming Next Fall for Lindenwood Belleville Students

In addition to outdoor sunken garden dining and an expanded Matt’s Cafe, Lindenwood University-Belleville students will have an assortment of new meal plan options from which to choose upon their return to Belleville this fall. Campus President Brett Barger said the administration has “listened carefully to students” and the meal plan changes are a direct result of student opinion surveys.

The meal plan options include a 19-meal-per-week plan and two different block meal plans: 140 per semester or 100 per semester. Block meal plans allow students a set number of meals per semester to be used at any of the 19 meal times offered each week at Matt’s Café in Belleville. Meal plan participants may use one meal per meal plan period.

The 19-meal per week plan includes an extra $50 declining balance per semester. The 140 block meals include a $150 declining balance, and the 100 block meal option includes a $350 declining balance option. The declining balances can be used in the campus dining locations for items outside of a “meal.”

Matt’s Café and the Dixon Grab and Go will offer a value exchange for each meal swipe, which allows customers a set amount of value in exchange for a meal swipe. For instance, a value exchange for a meal swipe could be a sandwich, fries, and a soft drink. Students will be able to add additional items – like a side salad or brownie – with their declining balance points.

The declining balance options hold extra value accompanying a meal plan and can be used at any of the university food service locations. When a student uses his or her declining balance, the system will deduct the food purchased from their DB account. Declining balance purchases are non-refundable and must be spent before the closing day of each semester. There are no restrictions on when declining balance can be used.

“This is a great idea to expand Matt’s Café and our meal plan options,” said Jose Hernandez, a senior business administration major. “We have experienced a lot of change over the years, and this is truly a great one!”

Lindenwood and Pedestal Foods are spending $4 million to upgrade dining facilities on the St. Charles and Belleville campuses.

Pedestal Foods will have a table set up from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. April 6 to answer any questions students may have.

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