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President Receives Contract Extension

The Lindenwood University Board of Directors has unanimously extended the contract of President James D. Evans through May 2015.

Chairman Jim J. Shoemake said the Board is pleased with the advancements and developments at Lindenwood under the leadership of Evans, who became president in 2006.

“Our decision to offer Dr. Evans an early contract extension was meant not only as recognition and appreciation for his excellent leadership, but also to express our strong confidence in the future of the University under its present leadership and our collective vision,” said Shoemake.

Lindenwood’s 2010 annual report, released this month, shows that student enrollments and revenues have grown substantially during Evans’ presidency. In addition, there have been significant increases in student retention, independent accreditations, number of faculty members, and percent of professors with the highest degrees in their fields. Doctoral programs, as well as a number of academic journals and several speakers series, have been launched.

Since Evans became president, Lindenwood has instituted a comprehensive freshman year experience program, implemented significant alumni engagement initiatives, carried out more than $100 million in physical plant additions and improvements, and enjoyed a healthy increase in the University’s endowment, which grew from $50 million to more than $110 million in less than five years.

Working in collaboration with what he calls a “remarkably engaged and adept Board of Directors” and “a faculty and staff to die for,” Evans already has seen some of his longer-range dreams for the University start to materialize, including the nearly-completed Lindenwood Commons (a fully-loaded student union), a thriving day college at Lindenwood’s Belleville campus, and the school’s candidacy for membership in NCAA Division II.

“Both our Board and our employees enable me to be productive,” said Evans, “and I try to reciprocate! The arrangement is functioning well in the best interests of Lindenwood’s students and alumni. I could not be happier.”

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