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Professor at Lindenwood Opens 21st Play

Dr. George Hickenlooper, a professor of literature at Lindenwood University and an award-winning playwright, opened his 21st play, "All for His Own Good," this summer at Buckham Alley Theatre in Flint, Mich.

Hickenlooper has been a professor at Lindenwood University since 1992. He said he has enjoyed working at Lindenwood because of the wide diversity of the student body. Hickenlooper received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and obtained his graduate degree from Yale University. He started writing plays in the 1960s as a hobby.

"I like to write dialogue," he said. "It is not as lonely as other forms of writing. It is fun to see live actors speaking your lines."

"All for His Own Good" is a play that "expresses the conflict between greed and love," Hickenlooper said. "The characters are fairly educated people who use a lot of words to find their way through conflict."

Hickenlooper has won awards for the play from the Missouri Association of Playwrights and the Buckham Alley Theatre.

Writing seems to run in Hickenlooper's family. His son, whose name is also George, is an independent film director/writer. He has directed, written, and co-written six feature films and two documentaries. The younger Hickenlooper's latest feature film, "The Big Brass Ring." premiered this summer and included a cameo appearance by his father.

"It was a speaking part," Hickenlooper said. "Only one line."

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