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School of Sciences Receives Donation from Sigma-Aldrich Corporation

Lindenwood University has received from Sigma-Aldrich Corporation $576,000 worth of equipment and consumable supplies that will be used by its School of Sciences, primarily in biological sciences and chemistry.

Lindenwood University science student“In appreciation of the generous gift, Lindenwood will rename the biology research lab in Young Hall after Sigma-Aldrich,” said Jessica Gatewood, director of corporate relations for Lindenwood. “We are thrilled about the meaningful and long-term impact Sigma-Aldrich’s donation will have in enhancing students and educators in the labs.”

Dr. Chad Welsh, assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, said the donation will benefit the School of Sciences in a number of ways.

“Sigma-Aldrich’s generous donation will allow for greater diversity of labs and enrich students in many areas of study, from cell signaling to nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy,” said Welsh. “These resources will help boost the rate of learning at Lindenwood University, and as we create programs to partner with local consortiums and high schools, the community will also benefit from the inventory.”

Jeffrey Whitford, global citizenship manager at Sigma-Aldrich, said the donation is in keeping with the company’s mission to enable science to improve the quality of life. Sigma-Aldrich, a leading life science and high technology company, has partnered with institutions around the world to donate excess inventory totaling more than $8 million.

“Donating excess inventory to organizations growing their science departments supports that mission,” Whitford said. “It also helps the community, and in this case, the students of Lindenwood University. We were impressed with the passion Dr. Welsh expressed and we appreciate that the School of Sciences’ success will benefit the greater community we serve.”

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