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Lindenwood University offers an accelerated master of science (MS) in healthcare administration. The healthcare administration masters program is one of the most highly sought-after graduate degrees for professionals who are currently working in a healthcare setting. The job outlook through 2022 is expected to grow by 23 percent, the average pay rate is high and graduates find their careers to be both challenging and rewarding. The knowledge you gain in this program will enhance your experience as a healthcare professional and add to enhanced skills to a bachelor’s degree in medical and health services. Earning an MHA in healthcare administration is a step toward a career as a healthcare administrator.

Designed for Busy Adults in the Healthcare Field

The accelerated MHA in healthcare administration allows full-time professionals like you to complete your degree using an expedited format in an intimate "cluster" setting. The Master of Healthcare Administration is a 48 credit hour program. Accelerated program classes meet approximately once a week in the evenings in the cluster format. Each cluster studies three related areas (such as strategic healthcare management, healthcare marketing, and global health perspectives) that are integrated into all classroom work and discussion. It provides you a unique opportunity to learn, using an in-depth arrangement with a small group of students led by an instructor.

Simply put, these courses are developed by professionals, for professionals.

Financing Your MHA in Healthcare Administration

Your education is an important investment. Grants and loans are available, and Lindenwood University offers financial aid assistance for all students. Please contact our admissions office with questions or to start the process of applying for financial aid.

Master of Science in Healthcare Administration Faculty at Lindenwood University

The healthcare administration instructors at Lindenwood University all have real-world experience in healthcare administration and teach using theory-based materials while sharing important elements of their experience in medical settings. An MHA in healthcare administration from Lindenwood University is recognized throughout the Midwest as a high-quality, accredited program.

Earning a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration Degree at Lindenwood University

The accelerated healthcare administration curriculum was designed for practicing professionals in the health and human service professions like you, and will lead you to work in executive positions in various hospital and medical departments, physician group practices, and eldercare facilities.

What Can I Do with a Masters in Healthcare Administration Degree from Lindenwood University?

Most graduates seek work in hospitals, community, and private health clinics, nursing homes, health insurance firms, group practices, the government, state or local health departments, and colleges. As an administrator, you will concentrate on quality of service, coordinate, and execute medical and health services, follow healthcare regulations and financial management, and evaluate and implement technology standards in departments or practices. Administrators work with medical professionals including doctors, nurses, technicians, and other medical personnel. No matter what career path you choose, your master of arts in healthcare administration from Lindenwood University will have you prepared. Healthcare administration has many career paths, each with different requirements and salaries. For more information on these career paths, consult the Occupational Outlook Handbook at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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