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The skills you acquire as a finance student at Lindenwood University will serve you well in the business world. Finance graduates are often employed in corporate finance, investment banking, and more.

BA and BS offered in Traditional and Online formats

Lindenwood University offers a bachelor of arts (BA), bachelor of science (BS), or minor in finance. The Finance Program is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) University Affiliated Program. Our curriculum covers a significant (70%) portion of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK). There are only 264 U.S. schools that have CFA University Affiliated Programs. CFA affiliated program indicates a high-quality curriculum and provides our students with CFA scholarships. As indicated on the CFA Institute site, an Affiliated University signals to their students and to employers that their curriculum is closely tied to the practice of investment management and is helpful to students preparing for the CFA® Program exams.

If you are interested in the management of money, then a bachelor's degree in finance is for you. A finance degree is essential for careers such as a chief financial officer or investment banker.

Earning a Finance Degree at Lindenwood University

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Finance

A bachelor of arts in finance requires 75-77 credit hours and a bachelor of science in finance requires 78-80 credit hours of business-related courses and electives, plus a general education core. The difference in a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science is that the core of a BA is generally more diverse and a BS is more concentrated in the subject area. Topics of study for a degree in finance include financing business ventures, investments, financial institutes and markets, and many more topics sure to interest you.

If you pursue a BA or BS in Business Administration, you may earn an emphasis in finance by completing 12 of your 21-24 credit hours of elective coursework in finance.

Earning a Finance Minor at Lindenwood University

You can earn a minor in finance at Lindenwood University. A minor is simply a secondary academic subject to add to your knowledge, whether it is of professional or personal interest.

A minor in finance requires 27 credit hours. You will study subjects like financial accounting, microeconomics, macroeconomics, corporate finance, and more.

Finance Faculty at Lindenwood University

The finance faculty at Lindenwood University is made up of degreed educators and professionals who know their subjects and have the experience to back up that knowledge. It is knowledge they will pass on to you. Small class sizes and easily accessible faculty ensure that you are afforded the attention and instructional time you deserve.

What Can I Do with a Finance Degree From Lindenwood University?

The skills you acquire as a finance student at Lindenwood University will serve you well in the business world. Jobs for finance majors are often found in corporate finance, investment banking, financial planning, and more.